Improve Your Heart Health Through A Calm Mind

How you mentally feel, or your mental health, influences your heart health. A calm and quiet mental disposition can be learned by anyone. Accessing a good state of mind improves how you mentally feel, and therefore, improves your mental health. A calm mental feeling promotes a healthy heart. There is a natural way, which you can learn on your own through Kelee® meditation, to get into a better state of mind — this feeling supports a healthy cardiovascular system.

Stress relief
There are many life stressors that influence our mental health. It is difficult to try and control them so you don’t mentally or physically feel their effects. Life just sort of happens. However, by turning inward to a calm state of mind, we improve our response to stress. This is a way that can help you. When we know how to mentally feel better, we feel less affected by the disharmonious things around us. If we can begin to access a calm state of mind, then we begin to detach from things that stress us in our daily life.

Dr. Daniel Lee, Clinical Professor of UCSD Medical Center and School of Medicine says, “Stress is a common, yet unrecognized contributor to many medical illnesses. For instance, when you are stressed out, you stimulate adrenaline in the body, which raises blood pressure temporarily until the stressor passes. However, if the stress remains constant and high, this can lead eventually to hypertension (high blood pressure), heart attack or a stroke. While we have medications to control blood pressure, if you are not dealing with the underlying root cause of the stress, then you are merely masking the problem causing the actual stress.”

A calm mind and happy heart
Our mind gets to the root of our stress. The calmness of mind improves our mental health, which decreases the effects of stress on you that can lead to heart disease. The less stress on the physical body, the less stress on the heart. Getting into the calmness of mind each day improves our reaction to stress — it lessens it. Kelee meditation takes five minutes to do. It is a meditation that moves you from the tension in your head, to the calmness of mind. It is a very specific meditation practice. Your mind relieves tension in the body which promotes a healthy heart.

How to cultivate a calm mind
Also, a calm mind clears our thoughts; we make healthier eating choices, which lead to a healthier heart. Excessive eating and bad food choices both cause an imbalance in your cholesterol and raise the risk of heart disease. When we calm and balance our thoughts, we can make better decisions about eating healthy. When we are not calm and feel off-balance, stress can lead to overeating and poor eating choices, ones that lead to high levels of bad cholesterol. In Kelee meditation, learn to come to one still point in your greater Kelee, where you enter into mind. In mind, you detach from things that cause you to mentally feel bad. Calmness of mind improves your mental health and clears your thoughts, thus, helps you to make healthier food choices, and this is care for yourself. Healthy eating brings our cholesterol into balance, which is a strong protection against heart disease.

A happy emotional heart is a healthy physical heart
Ron W. Rathbun, author and meditation teacher clarifies further, “There is an intimate connection between how the emotions of the mind can affect the physical heart. It is a known fact that stress can affect the heart in physical ways. With Kelee meditation, the mind can calm stress on command. When you pay attention, you will notice that when your heart is warm with beautiful emotion, your physical heart feels healthier.” He says, “A happy heart is what supports the physical heart and can do wonders for your entire being, and that feeling is felt in the greater Kelee.”

There is your emotional heart and your physical heart. Both are connected, and emotional heartache can affect the physical heart. 
A calm mind is in balance. Balanced mental health leads to balanced decisions and a resulting balance in the physical body.

Do Kelee meditation and improve your heart health
Kelee meditation is a five-minute daily meditation that shows you how to come to a still point and enter into mind. By doing this meditation daily you will notice that the stressors you deal with are still there, however, you are less affected by them. You will also notice a clearing in your mind where you can start to make better decisions for yourself that benefit your health. A balancing of your mental health leads to a balancing in your body systems and will serve as a preventative measure to heart health.

When you can learn to access the calm feeling that comes from a good state of mind, how you mentally feel improves, promoting good mental health. Your mental health influences your physical health, and improved mental feeling in both your emotional and physical heart promotes a happy, healthy heart.

You can learn Kelee meditation by downloading this simple manual, Kelee Meditation: Free your Mind. Begin to improve your mental health by learning to find the calm in your mind. This will lead to physical health and serve to promote a healthy heart!

—Nikki Walsh

Nikki Walsh is a freelance writer and mom of two kids living in Southern California. She holds an MBA in marketing from University of California, Irvine and a bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry from UCSD. She has been practicing Kelee meditation for 19 years. When she is not writing she can be found out and about having fun with her kids.

©2016 printed with permission from the Kelee® Foundation

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