High Intensity, Short Duration Workouts Yield Big Results

High Intensity, Short Duration Workouts Yield Big Results

Do you dread waking up a 4am so that you have time to get in your 3-mile run, stretch, eat breakfast and get to the office in time? Are your 45-minute weight training sessions starting to get boring and interfering with time with your kids?

Don’t fret. According to a growing volume of information, high-intensity training (HIT) may be just the answer. Research has indicated that HIT may be the best alternative to long and monotonous workout sessions.

According to a newly published study, the three to five hours of endurance training recommended by the World Health Organization may not be the only way to keep obesity, chronic disease and premature death at bay. Replacing endurance training with 3 thirty-minute sessions of HIT can make a remarkable difference in how the body handles insulin. Combining periods of low intensity training with short bursts of high-intensity training makes exercise more convenient for many people and pushes the body to respond. According to researchers, anyone of any age can adopt this type of exercise protocol and reap tremendous benefits.

Time Busters

No matter whether you are a busy executive or a mom at home with kids, finding time to exercise can be a challenge. The solution to the gym blues is to try some HIT during your lunch break, or while the kids are napping. To get the most out of HIT, it is important to raise your heart rate to your anaerobic threshold for at least 30 seconds. This will bring you to the point where you are gasping for breath, but only for 30 seconds.

High Intensity, Short Duration Workouts Yield Big ResultsFor a great high-intensity workout try kettlebells. They are a time-tested way to stay in shape and the workout doesn’t require anything other than a kettlebell and a little space. You can also use a stationary bike, treadmill or even a combination of these things. Even exercises such as Mountainclimbers or skipping are efficient and require zero equipment.

The key to training is to keep your heart rate high for 30 seconds, slow dow, but keep moving for 90 seconds and get back at the high intensity exercise for another 30 seconds. Aim for seven repetitions, although you may only be able to do a few at first. Three to four HIT sessions a week combined with a strength training session, some stretching and a healthy diet will keep you fit and feeling great with plenty of time to spare.

Have you tried a High Intensity Workout yet?

– The Alternative Daily

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