Hershey’s Syrup Ditches High Fructose Corn Syrup – But it’s Still a Sugar Nightmare

In a recent statement, The Hershey Company announced that in response to consumer demands, it is considering replacing the high fructose corn syrup in its Classic Chocolate Syrup with plain sugar.

While this move does signify a greater public awareness of the dangers of high fructose corn syrup, it will certainly not make the syrup worth buying from a health standpoint.

The chief research and development officer at Hershey, Will Papa, explained that Hershey is considering “moving more toward sugar.” He stated, “we take into account what consumers want. And consumers are telling us between the two, they prefer sugar.”

Currently, Hershey’s Classic Syrup utilizes a mixture of both sugar and high fructose corn syrup. As to when the switch will be made, there is not yet a solid plan or time schedule.

High fructose corn syrup, sometimes known as HFCS, is an artificial sugar used in many processed foods because it is inexpensive. Unlike sugar, which has a balanced glucose-to-fructose ratio, HFCS has a higher percentage of fructose. Because of its molecular structure, when this sweetener enters the body, it is directly stored in the liver as fat.

Along with strong links to obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes, high fructose corn syrup is associated with disease-promoting chronic inflammation, metabolic syndrome and fatty liver disease. It is usually manufactured from genetically modified corn, may be addictive, and has been found to contain contaminants including mercury – one heavy metal you do NOT want in your body.

chocolate syrupHowever, sugar itself is not much better. It has the same ties to obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, inflammation and metabolic syndrome as HFCS. On top of that, it has been found to encourage tooth decay, disrupt digestion and mineral balance, suppress the immune system and trigger food allergies. It is also implicated in depression, and may raise the risk of certain cancers.

So, while Hershey’s may be ditching the HFCS, it’s definitely keeping the sugar. Not a healthy buy – nice try though, Hershey’s.

-The Alternative Daily


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