Find Your Fountain Of Youth

Everyone has a fountain of youth within them. All it takes is to know where to find it. There is an electrochemical field of energy within us called the Kelee, which in ancient Sanskrit means, having to do with different states of mind. Find this energy in you, and you will feel better and live a healthier life. The Kelee is the way to understand the mind-body connection.

Here are some terms as a beginning to understanding mind function. These terms are used to teach medical students about the Kelee. To begin, there is a difference between brain function and mind function.

Brain function: thinks, analyzes, stores intellectual knowledge, and runs the physical body.

Mind function: mentally feels and is synonymous with a relaxed sense of perception; it leads us into deeper states of awareness.

The below explanation of the fountain of youth was taken from the book The Kelee: An Understanding of the Psychology of Spirituality by author Ron W. Rathbun.

“If you look at the Kelee diagram closely, you’ll notice that it’s the energy from your spirit that gives to your head. Your spirit gives energy, while your head takes energy.

If you experience your life without feeling your spirit, your life will feel empty because it has no depth. If you can’t open to the energy of your spirit, you’ll need to overcompensate by getting energy from somewhere. If you want fulfillment in your life, you must open to your spirit. It’s how you become young at heart and open to the wonder the world has to offer.

Explore that which touches you, and you will find that which does.

Remember, it’s the heart of your spirit that brings meaning to your head; your brain only files the memories from experiences. The Kelee diagram shows how your spirit feeds your brain with energy. Without the spirit, the body will not run. Without a physical body, life in the physical as we know it does not exist. The lesser and greater Kelee together make up the Kelee, the union of body and mind i.e., spirit.

If you look at the diagram closely, you’ll notice that the Kelee is actually an inverted fountain of energy folding in upon itself. Do Kelee meditation and you will open to the proverbial fountain of youth. It is real and within you already, you just need to find it.”

Medical study at UCSD
A medical study completed at the University of California, San Diego Medical Center showed that Kelee meditation reduces stress, anxiety and depression. Dr. Daniel Lee, clinical professor of UCSD Medical Center and School of Medicine says, “Stress is a common problem for everyone.  In Medicine, we tend to focus on diagnosing and treating diseases, but it is stress of the mind and physical body that underlies the development of all medical diseases.  Getting out of the tension of the brain and into the calmness of the mind is key in reducing stress.”

Healthy living

This makes sense when you begin doing Kelee meditation — you begin to live in the flowing energy of mind function. This energy, also commonly known as the mind-body connection, is a richer way of living. Kelee meditation is a daily practice that via the Kelee diagram leads you to the flow of the mind. A result of this meditation is leading our lives from our minds, which equates to healthy living and a longer happier life.

If you want a deeper understanding of the psychology of the mind, read The Kelee: An Understanding of the Psychology of Spirituality. If you want to begin doing Kelee meditation right away, you can download the ebook, Kelee Meditation: Free Your Mind. Learn to connect to your mind — begin Kelee meditation today.

—Nikki Walsh

©2016 The Kelee Foundation

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