Do These 9 Things Every Day to Be Smarter

Many of us tend to do the same things every day, day in and day out. We may sometimes get into a rut where we are not challenging ourselves, and never switching up our routines. We get comfortable, not wanting to mix things up at all.

If this becomes the case, our brains get no stimulation. They have no need to work at anything, so they become stagnant.

Like your body, your brain needs exercise every day. It needs to work and be energized it you want to keep it in the best working order possible.

Try the following nine activities to give your brain the exercise it requires.

Read. Taking time to read every day for about half an hour stimulates your brain and gets your creative juices flowing, by utilizing your imagination.

Work out. Working out your body fuels your brain. There are studies that show that people who exercise tend to have a higher IQ. Some research also claims that when you exercise, it stimulates your brain cells grow. Exercise also gives you a sense of well being, due to the rush of endorphins.

Afternoon cat nap. Napping in the middle of the afternoon refreshes the mind and may enhance your memory. Try napping for either less than half an hour, or for a solid hour and a half, or you may be groggy upon awakening.

Puzzles. Stimulate your brain with puzzles, whether it’s a jigsaw puzzle or a crossword puzzle: it will get your brain energized.

Meditate. Meditation calms the nerves and helps you to relax. Meditation has also been shown by some research to actually restructure the brain and increase the size of the cerebral cortex.

Create. Being creative helps you with problem solving, inspires you, and builds confidence. Plus, as you create, you learn.

Use your hands. By using your hands when you’re talking, you may be able improve your memory and use your creative skills. It also helps your mind separate and organize ideas.

Drink water. It is important to stay hydrated for your brain to work properly. When you lack water your brain becomes foggy and it’s hard to focus. As a general rule, eight glasses a day is recommended, although it does vary from person to person, depending on their size and lifestyle. It is very difficult to drink too much water… so unless you’ve actually had a ridiculous amount, drink up!

Eacursory drawing brain on old paper backgroundt healthy. A healthy diet filled with vegetables (especially dark green vegetables), fruits, and healthy proteins and fats (such as from nuts, seeds, and grass-fed meats) is key to feeding your brain. Also, try to watch your intake of sugar. It will give you lots of energy, but for a short time – then it will leave you feeling drowsy and dopey. Plus, many experts agree it’s an absolute poison.

Try eating small, healthy meals throughout your day. They will energize you and keep your mind stable.

If you strive to work your brain every day, you will notice differences in the way you think and act. Remember that it won’t happen overnight, do don’t get discouraged. With patients and perseverance – and some hard work and diligence – you can train your brain to function at its top potential – which can positively benefit every aspect of your life.

-The Alternative Daily


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