Control Appetite with these 4 Fall Superfoods

The autumn season not only brings a colorful transformation to the trees, it also means lots of amazing superfoods are hitting their peak and can easily be found at your local farmers’ market or grocery store. If you’re trying to lose weight, these four fall superfoods can aid your efforts by helping to control your appetite.


An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, it can keep the pounds away too. This soluble fiber-rich food is easy to grab on the go and helps keep you feeling satisfied longer to prevent unhealthy snacking and overheating.

A 2011 study from Florida State University found that women who ate dried apples daily for a year lost weight. The researchers believe that it was the pectin combined with antioxidants that were responsible, and that fresh apples would most likely be even more effective. Pectin is known to help prevent blood sugar spikes that trigger feelings of hunger.

Just about any variety of apple will work, just be sure and eat it with its skin to get all that filling fiber.


All types of squash, including butternut squash or spaghetti squash, are great for weight loss as they promote fullness and better digestion, helping to keep those hunger pangs at bay. Squash is also low in calories and contains lots of dietary fiber. Try trading those butterfingers for butternut squash, since it is so naturally sweet you could eat it for dessert.

Pumpkin, which is actually a type of summer squash, is also recommended for those who want to lose weight. A half cup contains just 40 calories, has 8 grams of fiber and is rich in potassium – three times the amount of a medium-sized banana.

Sweet potatoes

Sweet potatoes are fabulous in all sorts of dishes, and with lots of dietary fiber, a low calorie count and a high amount of water, it also makes them an ideal food if you’re trying to lose weight. Their low glycemic index helps to stabilize blood sugars and prevent feelings of hunger.

pumpkin seedsPumpkin seeds

After you’ve carved your jack-o’-lantern for Halloween, don’t throw the seeds out. Pumpkin seeds contain healthy monounsaturated fats that can satisfy that urge to snack without contributing to weight gain. They’re also known to help regulate blood sugar, which also works to curb the appetite. If you’re hungry between meals try eating just a small handful to ease those pangs.

These fabulous fall superfoods give us one more reason to look forward to the autumn season!

-The Alternative Daily


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