Cancer Busting Benefits of IP6

Cancer Busting Benefits of IP6

An anti-cancer molecule found in rice bran extract also known as inositol hexaphosphate (IP6) has proven to be an effective agent against the growth of cancer cells. And, because IP6 is derived from nature and found naturally in every living cell of the body, extensive studies confirm that IP6 is non-toxic and has no side effects.

Cancer Busting Benefits of IP6Because cancer cells are high in iron content, IP6 strategically targets the abnormal cells without depleting the iron from the red blood cells as they are tightly bound to hemoglobin. It is a powerfully selective agent.

And, for those cancer patients who have taken IP6 as an alternative therapy, studies have shown lung cancer and breast cancer patients have had their tumors shrink and completely disappear, to the amazement of their conventional medical doctors.

IP6 has also been found to inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells and effectively reduced adenocarcinoma, cancer cells in the lining or inner surface of the gland, found in 95 percent of prostate cancer patients. And, taking oral IP6 has been shown to greatly reduce prostate tumor growth at the abnormal or advanced stages.

So, why is conventional medicine not using IP6 in the treatment of tumors and aggressive forms of cancer? Although IP6 made the list of promising anti-cancer agents at the National Cancer Institute, there were never any human clinical trials conducted and this highly promising supplement remained underutilized.

When used in conjunction with anti-cancer drugs Tamoxifen and Adriamycin, IP6 has improved the efficacy of these drugs yet, continues to be ignored by cancer treatment specialists.

IP6 rice bran extract is made by Tsuno Foods of Wakayama, Japan. They are able to extract many useful nutrients from rice bran such as ferulic acid found in natural sunscreen, rice bran oil which is a powerful antioxidant, and inositol hexaphosphate known as IP6.

Tsuno Foods has worked tirelessly to educate the world about the anti-cancer properties of IP6. IP6 has not been approved by the Food & Drug Administration and therefore, is only available at health food stores around the U.S. under different brand names, and sold as a dietary supplement.

Have you taken IP6? What other natural therapies have you used to help prevent or treat cancer?

– The Alternative Daily

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