The Flu Shot Controversy: Know Your Facts First

The Flu Shot Controversy: Know Your Facts First

This season the flu came early and in some states it’s hitting harder than it has in the past. Only 32% of Americans received vaccinations according to a survey conducted in mid-November and because the odds of the vaccine working are close to a 50/50 chance, the virus is spreading like wildfire.

The Flu Shot Controversy: Know Your Facts FirstAt the time of this article, there have already been 20 deaths of children under the age of 18 since this year’s flu season began and this number doesn’t include the amount of adults who have died from the influenza virus. The cases of influenza have already reached numbers 10 times higher than the entire flu season last year.

Due to this virus spreading at such a fast rate, there seems to be a lot of media coverage urging everyone to get their flu shot. But what they should be urging everyone to do is to do their own educated research and understand all of the facts and ingredients that come with getting a flu shot. Then make their own decision.

Research has shown that the flu shot, at best, has a 62% success rate. This vaccine uses traces of flu viruses that manufacturers believe will match the current influenza outbreak.   Again, not a sure bet. Is this a gamble one is willing to take?

Before blindly going to get the flu shot, it’s extremely important to be health conscious. This means to know exactly what you are putting in your body. We always question our diet habits, processed foods, fitness regiments, and other aspects of our health, but we never seem to question and truly understand the drugs and chemicals we put in our body.

Did you know that the flu shot contains Mercury in the form of Thimerosal, Aluminum, and Formaldehyde (which is an embalming fluid). Most flu shots contain approximately 25 micrograms of Mercury, which is a dose that is considered to be dangerous for anyone under 550 pounds. High levels of mercury can reach the brain and inhibit tubulin, which is needed for brain cells to connect with each other. Formaldehyde is a known and recognized carcinogen  by the Center for Disease Control with documented cancer effects.

The decision to receive a flu shot is a personal choice. We encourage everyone to do their research on the ingredients, their side effects and weigh it against the possible risk of being infected with the flu.

However, it should also be noted that there are alternative methods that have been proven to be effective against the flu. Western herbalism, homeopathy, acupuncture, Tai Chi Chuan, and yoga have all aided in flu prevention for those who use natural alternatives to medicine. Also, preparing your body for the flu season by taking preventative measures can help keep the virus away. Herbs that boost the immune system, high levels of vitamin D, regular exercise, and avoiding inflammation promoters such as alcohol, tobacco, wheat carbohydrates and sugars can help you stay healthy throughout the flu season.

Maybe we will all learn an important lesson for next year’s outbreak; If we eat healthy and ditch the processed foods, stop being sedentary and exercise regularly, we might have a better “shot” of avoiding the bug, or at the very least see minimal effects.

– The Alternative Daily

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