Gals, Ditch the Padding to End Boob Sweat Now

Some may ask for more while others would be willing to give some up. I am talking about breast size. Many smaller breasted women may wish they had a little more to fill out their clothes but those of us who are well endowed, often wish we had a little less to work with.

Although it may seem like the classic, “I want what I don’t have” syndrome, the struggle is real when it comes to many challenges large breasted women face. If you are a size DD or bigger, you understand these common frustrations.

Boob sweat

Yep, the area under breasts is hot and hidden which results in a perfect environment for sweat to form especially if you are outside in warm weather. One way to tackle the sweat is to be sure that you are wearing bras made from organic materials only. Ditch the synthetic and go with something that won’t trap the sweat. Also, go without the padding, which you really don’t need. Padding just makes you sweat more. A thin, non-padded mesh bra is the best to control the sweat.

Dresses fit apart from your breasts

Large breasted women often have to buy bigger dresses and even shirts in order to accommodate their gals. This can give the appearance of wearing a sack if you are not careful. It happens all too frequently, you find an amazing dress and the shoulders fit, the waist fits, the butt fits and the boobs….. Forget about it!  The next time you go dress shopping try these styles that often accommodate larger bust sizes, wrap dress, v-neck, fit and flare and shift styles.

Your bras look like some kind of military issued armor

Do you dream of pretty bras that make you feel feminine and sexy? It is often the case that big-busted bras come in two colors, nude or black and only a few standard styles – many that look like some kind of brace or armored protection – nothing super sexy about this right? With pretty and petite bralettes not even being on the radar, it is hard to feel really great about your undergarments. Thankfully, there are a few brands and online shops that cater to large busted women who desire to embrace their womanliness. Here are two great ones to choose from:

  • Third Love – Third Love offers a large and pretty selection of bras for women up to an H cup size
  • Hips and Curves – This online shop has a wide variety of lingerie for large busted ladies including pretty lace styles and full coverage that is playful and feminine up to a G cup size.

Hello, I am up here… people stare, really

When people speak to you, do they look at your face or at your boobs? That is often a problem for women who are well endowed. Because your breasts monopolize such a big part of your body, it is hard for people to shift their focus away. One way to keep this from happening is to shift your weight and gently turn your body away, giving the impression that you know what they are doing. You can also be a little more overt and simply remind the person that you are “up here.” Whatever you do, don’t lose your confidence or shy away.

Forget button-down shirts

No matter what kind of button-down shirt you try, you are still left with the dreaded button gap. Instead of button downs, try these flattering top styles, scoop, square neck, cowl neck or V neck. Whatever you do, don’t buy a huge size button-down shirt to make it work – that just won’t do!

Crossbody bags just draw more attention

As much as you may love those cute little crossbody bags, don’t even attempt to wear one if you are large-busted. All they do is conquer and divide, drawing more attention than you probably want to your bust area. Instead, go for a cute shoulder bag or even a trendy backpack style bag.

Sitting up straight is a workout in itself

Do you ever find yourself slumped over your desk? A pair of D cup boobies can weigh between 15 and 23 pounds. This is the size of two small turkeys. With that said, the larger your bust size, the more difficult it is to keep your shoulders up and back and sit up straight. Of course, investing in a good bra is a necessity, but that won’t keep you from getting tired. To work on good posture try the following:

  • Stand against a wall with your shoulders and pelvis touching the wall. Raise your arms up to shoulder level with your elbows touching the wall. Raise your arms upwards as far as you can while maintaining elbow contact with the wall. Lower your elbows down towards your side, squeezing your scapulas together. You should notice a muscular contraction between your shoulder blades. Do this 5 times daily.
  • Lay on your stomach and place your fingertips on the back of your head. Raise your upper chest and head off the ground and hold this position for as long as you can. You should feel this in your upper and mid back. If you want to increase the difficulty, raise feet at the same time supporting your entire body weight on your pelvis. Repeat this five times daily

-The Alternative Daily

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