Aluminum in Your Deodorant? Check The Ingredients Now

Aluminum in Your Deodorant? Check The Ingredients Now

Putting on deodorant each day is typical in nearly everyone’s morning routine with most people not thinking much about the act at all. But should we be considering the risks of this seemingly mundane task?

The active ingredient in standard antiperspirants is aluminum. It works by closing the pores that release sweat, blocking one of the body’s detoxification routes. Where do the toxins go when they aren’t allowed to be repelled out of the body, and where does the metal go when it’s rubbed under your arm?

Research has shown that aluminum is absorbed into the skin and deposited in the breast tissue. These studies have found that women with breast cancer tend to have a significantly higher level of aluminum found in the outer breast tissue as compared to healthy women.

Aluminum is not something that is found naturally in the body; therefore, the information from the results of the study seem to show a rather clear connection between the absorption of this metal from antiperspirants and breast cancer risk. In addition to being associated with an increased risk of breast cancer, aluminum may lead to seizures, Alzheimer’s disease, bone formation disorders and kidney problems.

Of course, none of us wants to emit an offensive odor, but with the majority of commercial brand deodorants containing harsh chemicals and antiperspirants containing aluminum, what choice to we have?

Aluminum in Your Deodorant? Check The Ingredients Now It is possible to say no to those toxin-laced products and still stay smelling sweet by choosing a natural alternative, but be sure to read the ingredient list to verify that it is truly toxin free. Remember, when you switch from a traditional product to a natural alternative, it usually takes the body some time to adjust and get the glands and pores properly functioning again.

Some people are able use plain soap and water and remain odor free, but if you’re still concerned, consider these safe alternatives:

• Witch hazel and other astringents work by evaporating moisture on the skin while constricting the pores.
• Kaolin and bentonite are clay minerals that serve to absorb moisture.
• Natural powders like cornstarch and arrowroot can also help absorb extra moisture.
• Several natural care product companies produce aluminum-free products including Burt’s Bees, JASON, Kiss My Face and others.

Keep in mind that when trying a natural, toxin-free deodorant/antiperspirant, everyone’s body chemistry is different. One product may work well for one person and do nothing for the other. It can take time to find the right one for you, but don’t give up, it’s worth the effort.

-The Daily Alternative

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