7 Blending Tips to Making the Perfect Smoothie

Everyone loves smoothies. They are tasty, and a fabulous way to infuse your diet with loads of nutrient dense fruits and vegetables without feeling deprived. Healthy smoothies support your immune system and provide ample nutrition both before and after a workout. Of course, your smoothies are only as healthy as what you put in them. Here are some tips for exceptional smoothies that the whole family will enjoy.

Choose Your Ingredients Wisely

The best smoothies are made with the highest quality ingredients. Don’t skimp when it comes to quality. Use organic fruits and vegetables at the peak of their ripeness. If possible, buy seasonal produce and try to find a local source. Always use more vegetables than fruits. Fruits contain higher amounts of fructose (except avocados) while vegetables contain very little fructose. If you don’t eat a lot of vegetables, look to catch up on your veggie intake with your smoothie.

Use Frozen Fruit Within Two Weeks

If you prefer to use frozen fruit, be sure to use it within two weeks. If your fruit becomes freezer burned, wash it with cold water. If you are using frozen organic yogurt (we’re not talking about sherbert or ice cream here) and it becomes freezer burnt, scrape away the freezer burn before using or your smoothie will have an odd aftertaste.

Used Crushed Ice

No matter how impressive your blender is, it is always best to use only crushed ice. If you do not have an ice crusher, you can place cubes in a plastic bag and pound them with a rolling pin until pieces are smaller. This will increase the life of your blender blade and also make your smoothie taste better.

Use Flavored Ice Cubes

Pour your favorite smoothie beverage such as green tea, juice or nectar into ice cube trays and use to flavor your favorite smoothies.

Use Natural Sweeteners

Although most smoothies are pretty sweet, depending on the ingredients used, some people like them to be sweeter. To satisfy your sweet tooth, never use artificial sweeteners or high fructose sweeteners like agave nectar. The best way to flavor to sweeten your smoothie is to use a little bit of raw honey, stevia or coconut sap crystals. Or instead of using any additional sweetener, use a splash of almond milk for your liquid. Experiment with just the right amount until it tastes right.

7 Blending Tips to Making the Perfect SmoothiesDrink Your Smoothie Right Away

Smoothies lose their taste, texture and potency the longer they sit around. It is always best to drink your smoothie immediately after making it. If you must let your smoothie sit for a bit before drinking it, be sure to blend it again as the ingredients will separate.

Keep it Simple

Don’t try to overload your smoothies with too many ingredients, especially if you are new to smoothie making. Three or four ingredients are best. Always put your liquid in first and remembers to start off on low speed and work your way up to a higher speed. Happy blending!

– The Alternative Daily

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