7 Alternatives to the Wedding Band


A recent New York Times article reports on men who don’t wear wedding bands. The trend doesn’t stop at men. Ways of outwardly showing commitment, or not, are as varied as relationships themselves. Here are seven alternatives to traditional rings.

1) Alternative Ring Styles

If your reasons for steering away from the traditional wedding ring is an opposition to the diamond industry, we hear you loud and clear. There are as many ring styles available as you can imagine. Knots are popular. So are other gemstones. A simple band with a personal engravement is also an option. For a ring that resembles a traditional wedding ring without the social ills that accompany diamonds, try a man-made diamond.

2) Other types of Jewelry

Some people choose not to wear a ring for purely practical purposes. If your job or social life make ring-wearing impractical or unpleasant, other jewelry choices might be fitting. Some couples choose a infinity symbol or ring on a necklace. Bracelets or toe rings could also be an option. Though most couples don matching items, there is no reason that one spouse can’t sport a necklace while the other chooses something that works better for them.

3) Tattoos

Nothing says forever like a tattoo. If the wedding band is meant as a symbol of serious commitment and an intention to love each other til death do we part, perhaps a tattoo is the way to go. Some couples have kept with tradition by tattooing a band on their ring fingers. Others have chosen obscure references of love artistically drawn out elsewhere. The sky is the limit.

4) Henna Tattoos

Nervous about the needles, less keen on the forever aspect of marriage or simply want a symbol that requires the same renewal and effort that your vows will ultimately receive? A henna tattoo might be a good option. Henna needs to be redrawn every month or so, a monthly reminder of your vows.

5) Frame your marriage certificate and display it in your home

It’s a little offbeat, but some couples are having their marriage certificate framed. We frame our scholastic degrees, and they ultimately require much less effort and upkeep than a marriage. Why not treat our marriage degree with the same level of pride?

6) Just shout it out

Wedding bands are not traditionally expected in India. What is expected is a huge wedding. The idea is simple: if everyone in your community knows you’re married, there is no reason for an outward symbol of the union. While it may be hard to invite your whole community to an expensive wedding, shouting out your marital status on social media satisfies the heart of this tradition.

7) There is no need for an outward symbol of your union

One alternative is to replace the wedding band with nothing more than a quiet knowledge of your union. We’re not suggesting you keep your marriage a secret, but at the end of the day marriage is a personal union between two people. There is no need to have any physical or social sign of your commitment unless you both want one.
-Erin Wildermuth

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