6 Easiest Plants To Grow When You’re Just Starting Your Garden

Rain or shine, if I’m home, there’s not one day that goes by where I don’t spend time in my garden. Although we live in an urban area, our yard is a bit more “country” than most. We allow areas to thrive as they would in the wild, welcome critters that share the land with us, and even have bee houses set up around the yard.

Yup, it’s our little sanctuary. However, if you told me I would have such a green thumb three to four years ago, I would’ve laughed. I couldn’t even keep a cactus alive back then.

Once I became more interested in the needs of plants (and what they provide both us and the environment), I began growing some of the “easier” plant species before graduating into a full-fledged gardener.

If you’re ready to spend more time outdoors, growing beneficial plants (many of which you can eat), here are some of the easiest species to grow.

Six of the easiest (yet rewarding) plants to grow as a novice gardener

Try these six plants in your garden if you’re just starting out.

Whether you have a spacious yard or a balcony, you can still grow fresh plants for consumption. As you continue your gardening journey, you will learn more and more about the needs of plants, expanding both your knowledge and bounty.

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The following six plants do need a little TLC. However, as long as you remain aware of their needs, providing them with sun and water, they’ll do their thing.

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