5 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil

5 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has been in the news often over the past decade, in both positive and negative lights. The fact of the matter is that despite some negative press based on some shaky correlations, coconut oil is one of the most versatile and dynamic foods on the planet. Internally and externally, this wonderful white substance can benefit your body in unique ways. Let’s take a look at just a few of the ways coconut oil can help you have an easier, as well as a happier and healthier life.

5 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil
1. A Fantastic Cooking Oil

Coconut oil is used worldwide as a staple cooking oil. While most people would consider it to be just another vegetable or seed type oil, it’s truly a marvel. From a cooking perspective, it has a very high smoke point (temperature at which the oil breaks down and burns) making it versatile even for high temperature cooking jobs. Also, its unique chemistry and fat composition keeps it from oxidizing while being heated, whereas other oils start to degrade and essentially become toxic as they warm, some even start to degrade even at room temperature!  Using an unrefined organic coconut oil gives you a great health boost while frying, and you can even use it for unique desserts.

2. A Great Energy Supplement

Adding coconut oil to your diet gives you some of the most nutrient dense energy found in food. The unique fat profile of coconut oil gives your body access to types of energy rarely found in our daily diets. Whether you eat it raw, mix it with some sweet flavors, or use it as a cooking staple, adding coconut oil to your diet can be the secret to boosting your energy levels. Fats are a highly essential part of our diets, and coconut oil is one fat source that you can always feel good about enjoying.

3. A Top Notch Moisturizer 

Using coconut oil after a shower is a great way to keep your skin soft and moisturized all year round, from your face to your elbows. The lipids of the oil are easily absorbed, leaving behind no greasy residue and help keep your skin hydrated which is a great boost to your immunity as your skin is your first line of defense. Dry and irritated skin can be uncomfortable and leave you prone to infection, so keeping it healthy is a great step towards your overall health, and doing it without any chemicals like sulfates, parabens, or BPAs is a great bonus.

4. An All Over Body Conditioner

You can even use coconut oil in your hair as a deep conditioner. It’s great for guys and gals because you can add it to your hair and just shampoo it out, and you don’t have to spend extra on another bottle of conditioner. The oils condition the hair without chemicals and leave your hair smooth and shiny. You can even use it for your underarms as a deodorant, giving you another chemical free option. Coconut oil has anti-bacterial properties that help fight odor. In fact, coconut oil can even help you battle skin infections like ringworm and even aid in getting rid of fungi, like those found in your nails.

5. For Your Pets 

All the benefits to skin, health, energy, and hair that we can get from coconut oil can be transferred to your pets as well. You can add it to their food, or give it to them raw (some animals prefer it this way). Your pets can be healthier and happier, with shinier coats, more energy, and even have less dander by using coconut oil.

Head out to your local store or look online for any of a number of great brands that offer organic unrefined coconut oil and get started this great oil in your daily life. This product is one that you only need to try once and you will be hooked. Take a look online for some great desserts, substitutions, and other uses for coconut oil. Even Dr. Mercola recently exclaimed at how great coconut oil was a curing his infant’s cradle cap. Enjoy this tropical oil and let it help you feel amazing!

– John Garda

John Garda is a Holistic Health Coach working out of NY and Miami. He has been able to help his clients overcome their challenges, and now has a practice that focuses on helping busy individuals lower their stress, lose weight, achieve wellness, and love who they see in the mirror.

Visit John’s website at http://www.ironmountainwellness.com

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