31 Veggies and Foods You Should be Eating

31 Veggies and Foods You Should be Eating

Sharon Palmer is one of our own featured writers and contributors and an expert on healthy eating and cooking. Her recipes are featured in the most recent issue of Time Magazine’s Healthland online publication. The article highlights foods included in the “31 Healthiest Recipes of All Time.”

31 Veggies and Foods You Should be EatingLoading Up on the Healthy Stuff

As a registered dietician, Sharon Palmer is an expert on eating a healthy diet. Her recipes feature vegetables, seeds, whole grains and lean proteins. Many of the foods she suggests are high in antioxidants, low in fat and promote gut health. By including a wide variety of brightly colored vegetables such as red beets, sweet potatoes, eggplant and spinach, Sharon encourages people to try different tastes and textures for a varied palate of flavors.

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Healthy eating is easy if you know how to prepare food. Sharon provides excellent suggestions for ways to include healthy foods in your diet in a way that is exciting and enjoyable. Her book The Plant Powered Diet includes 75 healthy recipes and a two week diet plan to help you get started. You can also view Sharon’s articles by clicking this link.

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