Sea Creatures Could Provide Key to Youthful Skin

Sea Creatures Could Provide Key to Youthful Skin

In a groundbreaking study from Queen Mary College in London, researchers have found that sea creatures ability to change their appearance may lead to breakthroughs in skin science for humans.

Sea Creatures Could Provide Key to Youthful SkinUrchins, Sea Cucumbers and Human Skin

Although purple sea urchins and sea cucumbers look very little like humans, they may provide valuable information about how collagen in human skin can be helped to keep its youthful appearance. These animals have peptides in their system that tell collagen to dramatically change appearance from soft to hard or stiff. Changes in collagen in the aging process are what contributes to sagging skin and wrinkles in humans. According to Maurice Elphick of Queen Mary’s School of Biological and Chemical Sciences, “if we can find out how peptides cause the body wall of a sea cucumber to quickly become stiff or soft, then our research might lead to new ways to keeping skin looking young and healthy.”

Although the research published in this study is preliminary, it offers exciting insight into how natural chemicals found in the ocean might benefit humans. Even today, sea kelp and other products from the ocean are used in many natural beauty products. Perhaps one day sea urchins, sea cucumbers and other ocean creatures might offer their own benefits for natural beauty.

Keeping Skin Looking Beautiful Naturally

For many people, the appearance of their skin is part genetics, part diet and part cleaning routine. People who eat a healthy balanced diet free of processed foods and refined sugar often have more clear and supple skin than individuals who eat large amounts of those foods. Also, avoiding things like smoking and alcoholic beverages can improve skin appearance. Spending a minimal amount of time in direct sunlight can also protect your skin.

Washing daily with gentle natural soap can also keep skin looking and feeling soft. Avoiding soaps with synthetic chemicals and fragrances will help skin retain its youthful appearance. Also, moisturizing daily with products that contain vitamin E oil, cocoa butter and olive oil can keep skin soft.

What are your favorite natural skin products? Do you find that eating certain foods helps you maintain a youthful appearance? We would love to hear about your ideas and suggestions!

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