21 Signs You May be a Health Freak

While almost everyone is at least somewhat concerned about their own health, some people take it to the extreme – these 21 signs are an indication that you might just be a health freak.

  • You spend more money on organic groceries than on your mortgage payment.
  • If you eat meat, you always know exactly where it came from, and you made sure that the animal got plenty of sunshine and exercise.
  • You travel with your high-speed blender so that you can make your green monster whenever you’re on the road.
  • You know what a green monster is: a smoothie made with spinach, kale or another green vegetable.
  • You know that chia seeds have a better use than to magically sprout hair on a piece of head-shaped pottery.
  • The vendors at your local farmer’s market not only know you by name, they know where you went on your last vacation and how long you were gone.
  • You truly believe that anything can be delicious, as long as it’s healthy. Much to the chagrin of everyone you cook for, whose taste buds just aren’t as well trained as yours.
  • You can spout 20 uses for coconut oil off the top of your head – and you’ve tried them all.
  • You’d rather go for an early morning run than a night out on the town.
  • Every time you plan on visiting a new city, you map out where the nearest health food store is.
  • You experience a moment of panic when you realize you’ve forgotten to wear your FitBit or other step tracking device.
  • You feel just a bit nauseous every time you drive past a Burger King, McDonald’s or other fast food joint. You probably silently wonder why there’s even a line at the drive-thru for that junk.
  • Your dog is more tired than you after your walk – which turned into a 10-mile trek.
  • When you go out to eat, it takes you 15 minutes of thoroughly confusing the server as you custom-order something that’s not even remotely related to what they have on the menu.
  • The word “juice” is always a verb in your vocabulary.
  • You’ve forgotten what bread tastes like.
  • Drinking a water/apple cider vinegar solution or kombucha is just a normal part of everyday life. You don’t understand, or care, why your friends seem to think it’s a little weird.
  • You constantly find yourself saying: “No, seriously, it tastes a lot better than it looks.”
  • You use the basket at the grocery store instead of the cart, even though you load it up so full you can hardly carry it – just to get in a little extra exercise.
  • You bring your own food with you wherever you go.
  • You wake up in the middle of the night drenched in sweat because you just had a nightmare that you were eating at McDonald’s.

Young woman on the marketIf this list speaks a little too much to you, remember that being a health freak can sometimes be too much of a good thing. For example, if you work out excessively or are unable to stop thinking about what you ate and what you’ll eat next, you are not taking time to stop and enjoy life. In the case of excessive exercise, you may even injure yourself.

It’s all about balance – working out and eating healthy are good habits to have, but don’t push yourself too far and go overboard. Having fun and enjoying satisfying relationships are also crucially important to a healthy lifestyle!

-The Alternative Daily

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