19 Reasons to Simplify Your Life

For most of us, days of the week pass by in a blur, and the clutter of our home life prevents the weekends from being peaceful and relaxing. However, life is already far too short to let even a day go by unnoticed or unappreciated.

Embrace today and every day by simplifying your life, so you can focus on the things that really matter.

1. Less clutter means a cleaner home and a happier you. When your home is full of clutter it can hold a lot of negative emotional energy that zaps you and leaves you feeling drained. The lack of clutter will make your home more visually appealing. This also eliminates worrying about visitors dropping by unannounced.

2. Bringing an end to overcommitment means more personal freedom. You can become a slave to obligations when you lose the ability to say no. Establishing boundaries and choosing not to overcommit to things leaves more time for your loved ones… and for yourself.

3. Being smarter about your expenses is like paying yourself. Paying bills on time means not losing more money from late fees or disconnection of services. Paying off debts will give you peace of mind and more free money, in the long run.

4. Giving away what you don’t need teaches you the difference between gifts and love. You will become more mindful of what is important when you have less “stuff” laying around distracting you. It will also make you more content with what you have when you realize the personal value of it.

5. Less furniture will mean more space to live in. Less furniture will also mean less housework and more personal time. As you eliminate unnecessary items from your home, it will take on a style that reflects you and the things you love.

6. Less money wasted gives you the opportunity to make your dreams come true. Saving money by eliminating unnecessary expenses will allow you to redirect that money to more meaningful things. It is always a good time to establish a savings plan for buying a home, your child’s college fund, or perhaps for taking a trip.

7. Cutting back on unnecessary purchases means less waste. It is healthier for the environment when there is less trash being produced from product packaging. Less shopping also means less chance that you might be supporting child labor in third world countries by purchasing cheap, disposable goods.

8. Watching less TV gives your mind a break from mindlessly surfing channels. This is healthier for your brain and body. It will also give you more time for talking to your loved ones.

9. Cutting out junk food and other unhealthy foods means a healthier lifestyle. Quitting take-out food means less food waste. Making healthier meal choices can improve your quality of life, and maybe even give you a longer life.

10. Less clutter and commitment means time to pursue your passions. With fewer worries on your plate, you can begin to focus on hobbies and interests you always wanted to pursue but didn’t feel you had the time for.

11. You will feel less restricted to your home and more likely to travel. It is liberating to escape the bonds of entrapment that a cluttered life can bring. Consider taking the road less traveled for a little adventure.

12. Gain a better outlook on yourself. When you simplify, you will be able to take pride in your efforts as you see them paying off. You will feel physically and emotionally lighter, as well as more energetic. Your head will feel more clear and uncluttered with worries.

13. You will dress better in clothes that make you feel good. By eliminating excess clothing from your closet, you are forced to select items that make you feel positive about yourself. You will choose to keep clothes that fit your lifestyle instead of collecting pieces you might wear “someday,” but never really do.

14. You will develop a better outlook about others. Purging the chaos that excess brings into your life will give you a more positive feeling towards yourself and others. You will be less judgmental, and discover the value of people rather than possessions.

15. Less junk makes you more honest. You make decisions about what to keep and what to get rid of by being honest about your needs and wants. This honesty provides true insight into what is important in your life.

16. With more honesty, comes more happiness. You can experience more real happiness in your life when you are not distracted by unnecessary wants. You will learn to focus on quality instead of quantity.

simple17. Having fewer things makes it easier to keep them in their place. You will be more organized knowing that everything has a place where it belongs, and you can find the things you need when you need them.

18. Donating unneeded items helps others. Helping others really does help you. By donating money or food, clothing, and other items to those less fortunate, you improve their lives and simplify your own. It will also do worlds of good for your mind, body and soul.

19. Focus on your own needs. It has been said that owning possessions is a lie because they really end up owning you. As you eliminate things you do not need from your life, you take back the focus on yourself. You become more aware of what you want and need. You give yourself more time for relaxation, self-reflection, and joy.

-The Alternative Daily


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