13 Foods You Should Not (Or Don’t Have To) Keep in the Fridge

The refrigerator has its place for many foods, such as meat and dairy. Some foods, however, do best if kept out on the counter or in your cupboard. Here are 13 foods that don’t have to be stored in the fridge.

Olive oil

This oil may need to be kept in a cool dark place, but the fridge is not the answer. In the refrigerator, olive oil will thicken to a butter-like consistency and be very hard to use. Olive oil is best kept in a closed cupboard or a dark spot on your counter.


These nutrition-packed superfoods are super tasty when ripe. Avocados cannot, however, ripen in the fridge. Place them on your counter to ripen up, but keep in the fridge for long-term storage.


Potatoes kept in the fridge will develop a gritty and sweet taste. This is because when cold, potato starch turns into sugar quickly. The best tasting potatoes are ones that are kept on your counter or in your cupboard.


Garlic definitely does not do well in the fridge. The texture of the cloves will become rubbery and will mold quickly. Store garlic in your cupboard for up to 2 months.


Bread does best kept on your counter, or in the cupboard or bread box. Bread kept in the fridge will dry out quickly and not taste as good. If you need to keep bread longer, seal it tightly in a bag and store in the freezer.


Basil likes a warm climate to live in. Basil kept in the fridge will wilt quicker than basil left on the counter. The best way to keep basil leaves looking fresh is to place them in a cup of water like you would flowers. Make sure to change the water every couple of days.

Hot sauce

It won’t hurt hot sauce to keep it in the fridge. However, when kept in a cupboard, it will last 3 years. No reason to take up space in the “cold” fridge with “hot” sauce!


Keeping tomatoes in the fridge stops them from ripening. This causes them to lose flavor and texture. Keep tomatoes on the counter and allow them to ripen for best flavor.


Store your onions on the counter, not in the fridge. Like garlic, onions will turn soft and moldy in the fridge. Just remember to keep your onions away from your potatoes. When together, they will rot faster.

foods in the fridgeCoconut oil

This incredibly healthy oil hardens at room temperature. It gets even harder in the fridge. Store in your cupboard for an easier-to-use oil. Coconut oil is our favorite oil. To learn about all the amazing ways you can use this tropical treasure click here.


Coffee will absorb odors and lose flavor in the fridge. Store coffee in a cool dark place like a cupboard for maximum flavor.


Honey is the only food that can never go bad. Why take up room in your fridge? Besides, honey gets stiff and hard to use when cold. Keep this tasty superfood in your cupboard or on your counter.

-The Alternative Daily

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