Younger, Healthier Skin the Natural & Organic Way

Younger, Healthier Skin the Natural & Organic Way

For thousands of years, humans have been fighting the effects of aging on their skin. As we age, skin naturally loses elasticity and wrinkles appear. When you add exposure to sunlight, air pollution and other toxic effects, it can be difficult to maintain healthy skin. Researchers at Kingston University in London have been trying to identify ingredients that may naturally enhance skin and address the problem of aging and they may have stumbled upon a discovery.

Younger, Healthier Skin the Natural & Organic WayThree Natural Key Ingredients

Researchers identified and tested 21 natural plant extracts that were known to fight cancer and inflammation. Attributing inflammation as one of the key factors in degenerative health conditions ranging from diabetes to heart problems to degenerative neurological conditions, the researchers found that three plant extracts provided the most effective results – witch hazel, white tea and rose extract.

The researchers were surprised and delighted to find that creams that contained concentrated levels of these three ingredients provided extremely effective barriers to physical pollutants, UV radiation, microbes and chemicals. Additionally, they found that drinking white tea decreased inflammation and provided excellent antioxidant protection.

Phthalate-Free Skin Products

Phthalates have long been associated with damage to the skin and introducing toxic chemicals to the body. They have been connected with a wide range of cancers, including skin, breast, colon and other cancers. Additionally, they are proven endocrine disruptive chemicals that influence sexual development and health problems associated with sexual organs.

In recent years, many health and beauty products have been developed that do not contain phthalates. Excellent organic beauty products include those made by Burt’s Bees, Tarte, Eos, Alterna and Philosophy. Naturopathica and Onesta are online retailers that have certified organic products that do not contain synthetic dyes, colors or parabens.

If you are looking for natural products, talk to a beauty consultant at your local beauty and skin care stores. Many of them carry natural beauty products and are more than happy to direct you to skin care and makeup that you will be comfortable using on your skin.

What are your favorite natural beauty products? Have you ever made your own skin care products?

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