Yes, Men Get Breast Cancer Too

Yes, Men Get Breast Cancer Too

While breast cancer among men may not be as common as it is for women, men are still at risk for the disease. Unfortunately, when men are diagnosed with this form of cancer, their survival rates are lower and health outcomes are poorer, largely because they are diagnosed much later than most women.

Men, Examine Your Breasts Too!

Breast cancer is a scourge of an illness, regardless of whether it strikes a man or a woman. However, what many men fail to do that women commonly perform is a regular breast exam. Even worse, many doctors dismiss men when they complain of symptoms that would be taken seriously if presented by a woman. As a result, when men are diagnosed, their tumors are often larger and more difficult to treat successfully.

Symptoms of potential breast cancer include lumps and nipple discharge. Breast tissue tenderness is also common. In men, lumps frequently appear just under or near a nipple. Risk factors in men are similar to those in women and include a family history of breast cancer, heavy drinking, older age and genetic mutations.

Unfortunately, there is scant research on breast cancer in men. Current research suggests that breast cancer tumors in men may be different from those in women, since early-stage cancer in men often has lower survival rates.

At the moment, there are no guidelines for testing or screening men for breast cancer. Additionally, since the condition is so rare in men, large-scale screening is not likely to be effective. However, if you or a male loved one starts to have symptoms that lead you to suspect possible breast cancer, schedule a visit to the doctor. Do not allow the doctor to dismiss your concerns or seek another opinion from a doctor who will listen to you and conduct a mammogram or biopsy if necessary.

– The Alternative Daily

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