Wife Searches for Wedding Ring After House Burns Down During California Wildfires

So many Californians are going through an unbelievably difficult time with wildfires burning through their state.

We now know at least 13 people have died and over 1,500 homes have been damaged.

Although many houses have suffered intense damage, some people are dealing with homes that have been completely destroyed, like desolated Santa Rosa resident Kris Pond.

At the moment, several major fires are still burning in Northern California near Santa Rosa and Napa Valley. Also, there is a fire still being put out in Anaheim Hills in Southern California.

As seen in the video posted below, she spend hours this morning searching through the scorching hot burned down rubble, which was once her family’s home only days ago.

She and her husband spent hours looking for her most prized possession, her own wedding ring. They have been married for 26 years. 

Check out the video for yourself.

“It was a beautiful diamond ring, we’ve been married 26 years,” Pond woefully said. “It’s going to be there.”

Pond was definitely confident in her search, while also hoping for a miracle.

Pond has been living in her Santa Rosa home for over 10 years with her husband Michael.

“What the heck man, how can this happen?” Pond said in tears. “You have no idea how fast this stuff happened, it’s out of control.”

The tragic event has sparked lots of responses online. People arguing whether it was smart of the woman to value a material possession so highly, especially due to the fact that she was risking her own health while searching through the burning debris.

Facebook user Jordan N. writes, “Why does a ring have to be so important? Be grateful for insurance, ones health and safety. Memories are forever. Many other people have lost much more then a ring.”

“JUST STOP. The ring is a symbol of her marriage and the home she had together with her husband and family, which is now burnt to the ground,” writes Facebook user Francesca D. “She’s just looking for a little piece of that. I hope she finds it.”

What are your thoughts on this heartbreaking story? Have you ever lost something you could never live without? Let us know!

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