Veggie Butcher Shop… Coming Soon

Butcher shop. Just those words conjure up images of whole pigs dangling by their feet in a darkened, blood-stained freezer room. Or, maybe of a scary, unnecessarily hairy man in a terrifying used-to-be-white apron. In fact, the horrific documentaries of slaughterhouses might be what has created many a vegetarian.

However, for those who have decided to swear off meat forever, there may be a second best option.

Attention all vegans, vegetarians and soon-to-be vegetarians. Whatever reason has caused you to cut meat out of your diet (ethics, health, cost, etc), you probably miss the taste. Admit it – the smoky scent of freshly grilled hamburger tempts you at every picnic. According to a recent study, 84 percent of vegetarians and vegans eventually give in to the meat temptation.

There is a solution. One that doesn’t involve breaking your meatless vows, one that should bring those statistics way down. Brother and sister Aubry and Kale Walch are opening a vegetarian butcher shop in Minneapolis. Yes, a vegetarian butcher shop, you read that correctly. The shop, due to open next spring is also completely vegan.

野菜とフルーツThe brother and sister have been vegan and vegetarian, respectively, for years. Their passion has led them them to create the first shop of its kind. According to their website, “we started The Herbivorous Butcher to bring you small-batch, locally-sourced, all-natural meat alternatives that are always fresh, flavorful, and protein-rich so you never feel like you’re sacrificing anything for healthy and ethical eating.”

With an awesome name like the Herbivorous Butcher, their shop is bound to be a hit.

Kale states, “we use pinto beans, for example, in our sausages. That gives it a really meaty heft that’s unparalleled in the meat-alternative market.” The shop will feature many meat replacements, such as Italian sausage, maple sage breakfast sausage, deli bologna and even pepperoni! Is your mouth watering yet?

For vegetarians and vegans living in or near Minneapolis, this “butcher shop” opens up so many cooking and eating alternatives that you might as well break down and do a happy dance. The Herbivorous Butcher will hopefully pave the way for more meat-alternative shops and restaurants. Fingers crossed.

-The Alternative Daily


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