6 Ways to Use Coconut Oil This Winter for Awesome Hair and Skin

Winter weather can be tough on skin and hair. A decrease in humidity, wind, snow and cold temperatures can leave your hair lifeless and your skin starving for moisture. Sure, you can lather on creams and conditioners but what you really want to do is to feed your skin and your hair with a high nutrient, moisturizing, and protecting compound that will give it shine, body, silkiness, and life.

No special boxed product will do a better job than the tropical treasure itself, coconut oil. Since discovering how versatile coconut oil is, I have a jar not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom. Coconut oil is indeed my best winter friend when it comes to keeping my hair and skin moisturized and healthy.

Here are six of my favorite ways to use coconut oil all winter long:

Deep Hair Conditioner

Feed your hair where it really counts, down deep. Coconut oil penetrates hair follicles and the scalp to nourish with rich fatty acids that replenish what winter has taken away. Apply coconut oil from the base of your scalp to the tips of your hair before going to bed. Be sure to massage it in as best as you can. Put your hair in a bun and cover it with a towel wrap. I usually place a towel on my pillow as well. In the morning, wash your hair as usual and rinse well. You will find your locks to be frizz free, revived and very silky. Repeat once every two weeks throughout the winter for gorgeous and healthy hair, no matter the weather.

Heel Restorer

Cracked heals can be not only unsightly but also very painful, especially if you get those deep cracks that hurt with each step. To ease the pain and promote healing, massage your feet with coconut oil before bed and put on a pair of soft socks. Wipe away excess oil in the morning for all-day softness. Studies indicate that coconut oil can speed up healing time, improve antioxidant power and promote collagen. The powerful antimicrobial properties in coconut oil help to keep infection at bay as your feet heal.

Lip Moisturizer with Color

If you are like me, even coating your lips in balm doesn’t seem to keep them from peeling and drying out. Wearing lipstick can leave your lips feeling even drier. If you desire great color and moisture, simply mix a little organic lipwear with coconut oil for all day shine and color. For a quick lip exfoliator, mix brown sugar with coconut oil and lightly rub on your lips in a circular motion. This will remove dead skin and leave your lips feeling fresh and new.

Chronic Problem Skin Soother

Winter conditions can exacerbate inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Because coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it can reduce inflammation while moisturizing the skin and promoting healing. In studies, coconut oil was also found to have a soothing and pain relieving impact on sore and affected skin. Improve your skin from both the inside and the outside this winter by consuming more coconut oil and using it topically.

All Over Body Moisturizer

It is important to keep your skin hydrated to maintin its integrity as a barrier and keep bacteria at bay. When the barrier is compromised because the skin becomes dry and damaged you are much more susceptible to infection.

Winter can leave your skin feeling parched and chapped, especially areas that are exposed to the elements. Coconut oil can help keep all of your skin hydrated and protected from even the harshest of conditions. Studies show that persons with moderately dry skin who use coconut oil see a significant improvement in hydration, and that coconut oil is as effective as mineral oil for hydration. Additionally, regular use of coconut oil has been found to diminish the appearance of scars.

Moisturize with coconut oil over your whole body after getting out of the shower. This will allow the healthy fats to sink deep into the skin layers. Keep in mind that a little goes a long way.

Eye Cream

Just like other parts of your body, your eyes can take a beating during the winter months. To protect your peepers, dab a little coconut oil around your eyes in the morning and again in the evening. Many people report a reduction in wrinkles and puffiness when they use coconut oil.

Note: Purchase extra virgin coconut oil for all of your skin and hair care.

Who’s ready for beautiful, healthy skin and hair all winter long?

-The Alternative Daily

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