Top Rated Veggies – Kids vs. Adults

So, we all know that we need to eat more fruits and vegetables, right? Well, we thought, first why not take a look at the ones we are currently enjoying the most. It turns out, there have been some interesting surveys performed on the subject.

Adults: potatoes and carrots

In 2009, a survey by the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) performed a survey of Americans, and found that 26 percent preferred potatoes overall. Corn came in second, with 19 percent. Granted, as this study was biased in favor of potatoes, this may have that factored in. In 2010, the State of the Plate survey found that carrots were a leading favorite of Generation Y moms.

Although it gets a bad wrap because it is often cooked using unhealthy oils and high-heat methods, potatoes are themselves a very healthy veggie. They contain vitamin B6, vitamin C and the minerals copper, manganese, and phosphorus, along with a wealth of antioxidants, including flavonoids and carotenoids, which aid in fighting free radicals in the body.

There are millions of ways to cook potatoes, and the perfect potato differs for everyone. For starters, make sure you choose organic potatoes, as conventionally-grown varieties often contain pesticide residues even after they are peeled.

To make great garlic mashed potatoes, mix cooked potatoes (either baked or boiled) with minced roasted garlic, a couple tablespoons of organic coconut oil, and some red chili flakes. For extra nutrients and flavor, leave the peels on your potatoes (as long as they are organic).

And while there are health benefits associated with potatoes, try to keep consumption of this vegetable to a minimum, since it is a considered a very high glycemic food, causing blood sugar to spike.

Carrots taste especially delicious in savory dishes when they are cooked similarly to meat. For starters, peel a bunch of organic carrots, and chop into sticks, trying to keep the shape and size uniform. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees F. On the stove, heat some organic coconut oil over medium high heat. Brown the carrots on both sides until just golden brown, then place in a baking pan or roasting dish. Add some whole garlic cloves, sea salt and a pinch of cayenne pepper. Bake carrots for about 30 minutes until tender.

Kids: broccoli and corn

In 2012, Cornell University researchers surveyed 500 moms with two kids as to their children’s favorite vegetables. They found that the favorite for boys was corn, and that the girls’ favorite was – surprisingly – broccoli. Other well-liked veggies included carrots, green beans, potatoes and tomatoes.

Corn in the United States is often cast in a negative light, because so much of it is genetically modified, and used in processed products. Organic sweet corn, however, has many great health benefits. Corn is a good source of B-vitamins, fiber and the minerals manganese and phosphorus. For some great ways to cook organic corn, check out our recipes .

VeggiesBroccoli can truly be called a superfood, due to its wide range of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Just a few of its antioxidant compounds include the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin, which are instrumental in eye health. Broccoli also contains sulfur compounds which have been linked to anticarcinogenic activity, and have exciting potential in combating this deadly disease. Check out our awesome broccoli recipes here.

Even if you’re very loyal to your favorite veggie, remember to mix it up a bit! Eating a rainbow of fruits and vegetables each day is key to getting the most optimal range of nutrients that your body needs.

-The Alternative Daily


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