Top 7 Video Channels For Daily Stretch Routines

Building stretching into your daily routine is one of the easiest and most rewarding ways to keep healthy. If you’re one of the millions of people working in an office, or who has a sedentary lifestyle, a daily stretch could prove vital. Stretching doesn’t just increase flexibility and prepare your body for sport or a hike, it improves circulation, alleviates and prevents pain after being curled up over the keyboard all day, provides stress relief, gets your brain working again, builds up your muscles and helps with balance and coordination.

Prolonged sitting can lead to obesity and heart disease (and a super groggy brain). Moving around and stretching a few times a day (or, ideally, moving four minutes in every hour, and standing for an extra 16 minutes) is really important. There are also stretch routines you can do to help yourself sleep better and specific stretches for relieving neck and shoulder tension, back pain and even headaches.

The great thing about stretching is you can do it on the spot, with no equipment or special clothing required. Try out some of these popular stretching and exercise channels, each with different goals and focus. In a lot of cases, the stretching channels include other fitness workouts as well, should you chose to follow a stretch with some exercise.

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