Is it Time to Get Your Pooch His Own Bed?

For dog lovers, there is nothing more cozy than cuddling up with your furry canine. Many claim that they can’t sleep when their dog or dogs are not in bed with them. While the dogs may do a good job keeping you warm, you may want to consider what experts have to say on the subject.

According to Michael Breus PHD, also known as the Sleep Doctor, studies demonstrate that a number of pet owners who allow pets to sleep with them, have sleep problems. Although dogs, unlike cats, are not nocturnal, if they are large, they may wake you each time they move, lick or scratch. Some dogs can even snore as loud as humans, this in itself can be a distraction to a pleasant night’s sleep.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) conducted a study noting that half the people with pets allow them to sleep in their bed and consider them as part of the family. Women are more likely than men to allow the bedroom intrusion.

However, according to the CDC, losing sleep is not the only thing that you should be concerned about when you allow your furry pet into your bed chamber. You are greatly increasing your chance of contracting diseases such as staph infection, meningitis and parasites by sleeping with your pet.

Study authors say that the risk of transmission of Zoonoses (infections or diseases that can be transmitted from animals to humans) between pets and their owners greatly increases by sharing a bed, your dog licking you or you kissing your canine companion. There have even been real documented cases of serious infections such as plague and internal parasites.

A Japanese woman contracted meningitis after kissing her pet’s face and a husband and wife who allowed their dog to sleep in their bed repeatedly contracted methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus.

Of course, if your dog has fleas you could also end up itching and scratching your way to a painful infection because of the little pests. If you suffer from allergies, having your dog in bed with you can also make this situation worse.

While the Sleep Doctor does not want pet owners to start to look at their canines as harbingers of the Bubonic Plague, it is prudent to perhaps reconsider sleeping arrangements if your dogs shares your bed or if you are thinking of letting your new, very sweet pup sleep with you.

dog in bedSet up a nice fluffy bed for your canine on the floor next to your bed where he will feel like part of the family but not invade your personal sleeping space. If it is just you and your pet and space is an issue, consider sharing a bunk bed.

Remember also, dogs are den animals and if you can train your furry friend to a cozy crate he will be very happy to retire there at night. Who knows, Fido may sleep better as well, and it will be a win/win situation for everyone!

-The Alternative Daily

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