How to Throw a Party on the Cheap

Throwing a party can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. The first thing you will have to do is figure out how much you can spend on the food, beverages, and decorations. Once you’ve determined an amount, stick to that and don’t go over your budget.

There are ways you can cut corners without cutting into the fun. Splitting the expense, sharing the tasks, and making your own decorations are just a few ways to stretch your dollar. Read on to get more ideas.

Don’t bother sending invitations. Mailing invitations is expensive, especially if you’re trying to save money. If all of your guests are on Facebook, you can send a group message, or email the invitations using Evite…. it’s free!

Dollar store decor. Don’t go crazy on the decorations. The local dollar stores have napkins, plates and even glasses that will suffice for your party. They also have enough items in the store for you to be creative and make your own centerpieces and party favors. If you’re not finding what you need there, take a trip to the craft store and find some creative ideas for your decorations. Sometimes, just walking through the store will get your creative juices flowing and inspire you.

Throw a potluck dinner. No one says that you have to make all the food. Why not let your guests share in the experience? You can do this a few different ways. Ask your guests to bring their favorite dish, or make a menu and let your guests pick what they’d like to make from it. If they don’t like to cook or bake, give them the option to bring a drink or maybe even a centerpiece for the table. That way, all your guests can feel as though they’ve contributed to your shindig.

Ask guests to bring drinks. Beverages can be expensive, especially the ones with alcohol. Ask your guests to bring their favorite drinks. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an alcoholic one, but one they’d like to share.

Share the expense with a friend. Co-host a party together with your friend, and split the costs and the preparation. Between the two of you, things will get done and nothing will be left out.

partyBe your own DJ. By using your iPod and your own playlist or Pandora, you can set the mood with smooth jazz, or pick it up with some dance music. You have control of the type of music for your party without the expense of a DJ.

Keep it small. It makes sense that the less people you invite, the less food you have to supply. Also, having a small party will keep it more intimate and allow you to spend more time with each guest.

It is possible to throw a party on a budget, and it can be fun if you think of it as a challenge on ways you can save money. So, be creative, ask for help, send out those Evites, and have some fun!

-The Alternative Daily


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