The Toxic Workplace: Know the Risks of Where You Work

The Toxic Workplace: Know the Risks of Where You Work

In a study published in the online journal Environmental Health, researchers set out to outline the link between breast cancer risk and workplace exposure to carcinogens and toxic substances. Scientists found that exposure to hormone disruptive chemicals is prevalent in many professions, contributing to the most frequent cancer diagnosis in the United States.

The Toxic Workplace: Know the Risks of Where You WorkWide Range of Dangerous Professions for Women

Researchers interviewed more than 1,000 women from a wide range of professions. The researchers asked questions regarding the types of chemicals and products workers are routinely exposed to during the course of routine work activities. Surprisingly, they discovered that a broad number of industries represent high exposure to hormone disruptive chemicals and carcinogens to women. Included risk industries include metal working, food production and canning, agriculture, bar tending and gambling establishments and automotive plastics industries.

Limiting Toxic Exposure

Dangerous toxins are prevalent in almost every aspect of modern life. Toxins are present in industrial and household cleaning agents. With less and less regulation of pesticides and food production, toxins are also present in almost all commercial food sources. Even materials used to construct most contemporary homes are rife with dangerous chemicals.

You can limit exposure to chemicals by taking charge and eliminating many chemicals from your diet and environment. Eating foods that are produced through organic and sustainable methods can substantially reduce the amount of pesticides and chemicals you consume. At home, instead of plastic containers for your leftovers, use glass or ceramic storage products.

You can also eliminate body toxins through exercise. Your body is naturally designed to eliminate toxins through sweat and elimination. Exercising daily and sweating is a good way to routinely flush toxins. Also, drinking adequate amounts of clean water helps your body flush toxins through your urine products. Regular bowel movements also flush many food toxins from your system.

Breast cancer is the most diagnosed form of cancer for women in the United States. Many professions pose substantial exposure to toxic substances that contribute to the development of cancer for women. By reducing toxins in your environment and eliminating them from your system, you can reduce potential negative health hazards.

Do you work in one of the high risk industries found in this study? Are there ways you limit your exposure to potentially dangerous chemicals in your life?

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