The Gift of the Emu: Chronic Pain Relief Oil

The Gift of the Emu: Chronic Pain Relief

While the emu may not be the friendliest or the most attractive bird on the block, it has something that other birds don’t have, health promoting oil. This large bird native to Australia has been providing Aboriginal people with oil used to treat a variety of medical conditions for hundreds of years. We are just now catching on to this wonderful gift from the emu.

Emu oil comes from the subcutaneous fat located along the back of the bird. When the emu is slaughtered for meat, the oil is collected. This fat contains essential fatty acids and other health promoting properties.

Emu oil is great for the skin and is included in a number of moisturizing cosmetic products. When put directly on the skin, the oil is useful in treating fine lines and wrinkles and soothing pain associated with insect bites, stings and rashes. People with chronically dry skin benefit from the use of emu oil after their bath or shower. Emu oil is also used to help heal stretch marks and scars and reduce the pain and swelling of burns.

Recently, more attention has been given to the oil’s ability to reduce the inflammation and pain of muscle sprains, strains and such injuries as heel spurs. Sports enthusiasts use the oil after a hard workout or to treat ligament or muscle injuries. Research indicates that athletes respond well to the use of emu oil, recovering up to 50% faster than normal.

The Gift of the Emu: Chronic Pain ReliefA number of studies conducted over the last fifteen years have found much good to say about the oil from an emu. Contrary to what some people may think, emu oil is not “snake oil.” Researchers have discovered that the oil does, in fact, reduce inflammation by up to 70%. This was compared to fish oil that reduces inflammation by 55%. These findings mean great things for arthritis sufferers who daily pop a pill to ease inflammation and pain. Patients can simply rub the oil on the spot that is sore and pain and swelling is relieved. Without any side effects, emu oil holds much promise as the studies continue.

Have you tried emu oil yet?

– The Alternative Daily


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