The Cancer-Slamming Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms

The secret to treating millions of cancer patients could be inside the miraculous turkey tail mushroom. An especially exciting recent discovery of these mushrooms’ cancer-fighting capabilities came when world-renowned mycologist Paul Stamets, whose work includes studying fungi for its usefulness to humans, learned of its benefits firsthand.

Stamets’ own mother had been diagnosed with one of the worst cases of breast cancer her oncologist had ever seen and was given just three to six months to live back in 2009. After trying the mushrooms, she was virtually cancer-free just seven months later.

A study conducted by the National Institute of Health along with Bastyr University, University of Minnesota and the University of Washington confirmed the positive effects of the mushrooms. They found that the immune system was stimulated when taking turkey tail mushrooms, and they can even correct deficits in the immune systems of patients – without the toxic side effects that are common with standard treatments.

How do they work?

The mushrooms strengthen the immune system by enhancing T-helper cells; the cells that tell all of the other cells in the immune system what to do and to what degree. In cancer, runaway cells are known to secrete compounds that give false signals to the immune cells to stop working which enhances the ability of cancer to survive. A negative side effects of standard cancer treatments like chemotherapy and radiation therapy is that they cause further damage to the immune system and even kill T helper cells along the way.

The Cancer-Slamming Benefits of Turkey Tail Mushrooms

You don’t have to have cancer to experience the amazing health powers of turkey tail mushrooms. Just some of their benefits include:

· Potentially improving the overall quality of life by reducing susceptibility to infection   and the negative effects of a suppressed immune system
· Reduce or eliminate infections and inflammation of the upper respiratory tract
· Decrease or eliminate urinary tract infections and  irritations of the digestive tract
· Reduce chronic congestion
· Battle pulmonary disease
· Increase energy and even serve as a mood booster

While research has yet to be done on the full potential of turkey tail mushrooms, it’s said that they may be able to prevent and even cure a variety of conditions in which immune suppression is a major problem – such as HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) infection.

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