The Healing Powers of the Amazon: Dragon’s Blood

Dragon's Blood is Full of Antioxidants

Deep in the Amazon, a tree grows with health-promoting, blood red sap running through its veins. This tree, the Sangre de Grado reaches 90 – 120 feet at maturity and contains a dark red sap, sometimes called Dragon’s Blood. This sap has been helping treat people since ancient times.


Several recent studies have found that the Sangro de Grado is the most powerful antioxidant ever found in nature containing over 90% proanthocyanidins, an extremely powerful antioxidant that is also found in grape seeds. Because of this high antioxidant concentration, the sap is efficient at reviving tissues and cells. When used as a supplement, this amazing sap is said to improve heart health.

Liquid Bandage

The sap of the Sangre de Grado is actually referred to as the “liquid bandage” in the Amazon due to its extraordinary healing capabilities. When applied to wounds, bites, burns or rashes it will actually create a “second skin” which fully protects the injured skin below giving it time to heal without further insult or contamination. This liquid bandage stops bleeding, disinfects and hastens healing. Several laboratory studies show that the sap is also useful in treating eczema.

Dragons Blood is thought to strengthen the intestinal lining and provide healing for leaky gut and chronic diarrhea. One study found that compounds in the sap stopped the growth of H. pylori, the bacteria that cause stomach ulcers and gastritis. Eight other compounds that were isolated show promise in the treatment of strokes and heart attacks.

Dragon's Blood is Full of AntioxidantsThe people in South America continue to use the sap from this amazing tree in traditional medical treatments. In Peru, it is used topically to treat hemorrhages and heal injuries, bites, cuts, rashes and other skin conditions. It is also taken internally for ulcers and viral infections in the upper respiratory tract.

It should be noted that the unprocessed form of the sap is four times more effective than chemically extracted elements from the tree. Purchase products that contain as much natural sap as possible.

Have you taken Dragon’s Blood?

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