Gut Bugs Now Boost Bone Density?

Gut Bugs Now Boost Bone Density?

When we hear the word bacteria we often conjure up images of bad bugs. However, not all bacteria are bad. The majority of the bacteria found in the human digestive tract is responsible for upholding the health of the immune system. Unfortunately, our immune system is under a major attack from environmental toxins, prescription antibiotics and the massive amounts of denatured food we consume. Pesticides in the food and chlorine in our water, along with antibiotics we may take when we are sick slowly kill off the healthy bacteria. Once this happens the body can no longer defend itself and we become infected by unwanted microorganisms and parasites.

Probiotics to the Rescue

Often dubbed nature’s best antibiotic, probiotics can create balance and restore health to an unhappy digestive system. Probiotics are helpful bacteria that are a lot like the bacteria found in our guts, especially the digestive tract of infants who are breastfed. Probiotics build up the happy bacteria population in our gut so that the body can defend itself. Repopulating our gut with healthy bacteria can increase overall energy, help us maintain a healthy weight and keep viruses, infections and serious conditions like cancer at bay.

Probiotics and Osteoporosis

A newly published study conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan states that not only are probiotics excellent for building up our immunity and restoring balance to our intestinal flora, but they can also increase bone density.

Mice who were given probiotics for four weeks showed a marked increased in bone density. This is hopeful news in light of the fact that almost 50% of all Americans are expected to have low bone density levels by the year 2020. The National Osteoporosis Foundation predicts that one in four women and one in four men over 50 will break a bone due to reduced bone density.

Gut Bugs Now Boost Bone Density?

Probiotic Quality

It is important to realize that not all probiotics are created equal. One of the greatest challenges in creating a probiotic formula is to keep the bacteria alive. Statistics show that over 90% of probiotics contain dead bacteria that are completely worthless and end up being a waste of money. Some probiotics that you find in the store have been sitting on the shelf for over a year. There is nothing left alive at this point. The makers of Pro-x10 have come up with the solution to the problem and offer a probiotic supplement, made with a patented technology, to keep the healthy bacteria alive and ready to restore health. If you make the decision to take a probiotic, be sure to do your research so that you are not just throwing away money.

– The Alternative Daily


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