How to Tell When Someone is Lying

Being lied to isn’t fun, and it can also be bad for our health, as it can hurt us emotionally, mentally and financially. Unfortunately, there’s no way to be 100 percent sure if someone is lying, but if we are already suspicious or have some evidence, there are some signs we can look out for.

They don’t refer to themselves

Liars tend to want to remove themselves from their lies, so they might say something like: “Nothing happened with her,” rather than: “I didn’t do anything with her.”

They tend to be negative

When they describe an event they are lying about, liars might be overly negative, discouraging or cynical. For example, if they were supposed to call you and they didn’t, they might say something like: “I forgot my stupid charger in the car,” or: “I fell asleep before I could call you. I’m such an idiot.”

They repeat words

In an attempt to convince both themselves and you of their lie, liars might repeat the same word, phrase, or idea over and over again until you both believe it. For example: “I absolutely, positively, 100 percent did not take it.”

They provide too much information

When someone provides extra details, more information than you asked for, and doesn’t stop or slow down to let you digest the information or ask more questions, it might be because they’re lying. This is especially true if this person isn’t usually a big talker. Liars will sometimes talk more because they believe their willingness to speak looks like openness and honesty.

They change their head or body position quickly

If you see someone make a sudden, unexpected movement when you ask them something, they may be preparing to lie to you. This can include the head retracting or being jerked back, tilted sharply to the side or bowed down. It can also include suddenly moving their hand to certain areas of their body, including the neck, chest, throat, mouth or abdomen.

Their breathing changes

Liar surprised woman with long noseThe person’s shoulders may tense up or appear to raise, and their breath may become quicker and more shallow. These changes happen because when we become nervous or tense, our heart rate and blood flow changes. This can happen when we feel anxious or nervous about telling a lie.

Overall, the biggest indicator of a lie to look for is any sudden change in a person’s behavior. This can include a sudden movement, a change in voice pitch or tone, talking speed—anything out of the ordinary.

Although none of these signs are by themselves proof that someone is lying to you, if you already have reason to believe that someone is being dishonest, looking out for these signals could help protect you from unnecessary pain or hurt.

-The Alternative Daily


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