Swing Your Way to Fat Loss

If you have ever swung a kettlebell before, you know that it is pretty empowering. Swinging that ball of iron around makes you feel almost “Herculean.”

Kettlebells were not always used as a strength and endurance training tool. The first kettlebells were designed as handheld counterweights to weigh dry goods on scales. Russia is the birthplace of the kettlebell, and declared it a national sport in 1948. Once a sport reserved for strong men, the kettlebell is now an integral part of the home and professional fitness training regime.  Although there are a number of strength and endurance training moves that can be accomplished with the kettlebell, the swing is the most well known kettlebell exercise, and the foundation for most other moves.

What is a Swing

The swing can be done with one hand or two depending on how advanced you are. The swing motion involves pulling the kettlebell between your legs and using the hips and posterior chain muscles to thrust the kettlebell forward and up in a circular swing motion. The ball then drops back under control between the legs. It looks kind of weird, especially at first, but it is extremely effective.

Swings are Efficient

Kettlebell swings combine both anaerobic and aerobic exercise at one time. No more cardio workout one day and strength workout the next when you can combine the two and be done in half the time. To work on aerobic endurance, you can do a lot of swings with a lighter bell, or switch to a heavier bell and fewer swings to develop strength. A workout that combines the two provides the most benefit.

Swings Work Important Muscles

Swings build important muscles such as glutes, core, back and hamstrings. Traditional weight training often overlooks these muscles. These muscles are foundational, and when they are strong, the whole body is strong and extremely functional.

kettlebellswingSwings Burn Fat

Swinging a kettlebell is a fantastic all-over conditioner and fat burner. Research shows that higher intensity training such as kettlebell swings, burns more fat than slower endurance training. If you are looking for a way to bust your fat stores, this is it.

Swings Reduce Back Injuries

High rep swings works back muscles that most people rarely train. According to a back experts proper kettlebell swings decrease the incidence of back injuries substantially.

A Note About Form

It is immeasurably important that you have excellent form when performing swings. If you do not, you are likely to hurt yourself. Be sure that you have been properly instructed before you begin using kettlebells.

– The Alternative Daily

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