WATCH: 5 Reasons To Buy Local Instead Of At A Chain Store

It is only recently that people have had the option to buy goods and services from far away— technology and transportation has made it possible. In some instances, this is great. If the best and least expensive microchips are made in China, it makes sense to buy them there. Provided the shipping costs are not too high, your microchip will be less expensive and possibly of better quality than if you were to buy one from your next door neighbor. The same does not apply to food, however, which is why it’s best to buy local.

Reasons to buy local organic food

When it comes to organic materials, it isn’t just the cost of transportation that needs to be taken into consideration. The time it takes to transport these goods matters, too. Preservatives are often added to our food to prevent decomposition during the trip, not to mention the time needed to sit on the shelf before purchase.

We think you should buy local to avoid preservatives. But that isn’t the only benefit! Here are five more reasons to buy local.

— Erin Wildermuth

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