Podcast Episode #32: Raw Food Pet Diets, Treating Marine Animal Eyes & the SeaWorld & Zoo Controversy

Dr. Carmen Colitz visited us at the Alternative Daily headquarters for a conversation all about animals.

Dr. Colitz is a Veterinary Ophthalmologist. She runs a clinic with her husband in Jupiter, FL. She has treated animals from all over the globe including seals, sea lions, dolphins, sharks, alligators, crocodiles and walruses to name a few.

She shares what is the scariest moment she encountered while treating a 3,000lb beast. Dr. Colitz also describes what it was like to check a sharks eye, without it being sedated and while it was upside down.

Ever wondered why some of your dogs eat their own poop, or other animal’s poop? She shares why.

Curious if the food you are feeding your pets is actually as good as the vet prescribed? You might be shocked with what she says about the big name brands.


Considering a raw food diet, or already have your pet on raw food? Dr. Colitz gives us a simple blueprint on how to start and when not to introduce raw foods.

Saying goodbye to our furry children can be difficult, so I asked Carmen how a doctor actually preps themselves to deliver very tough news.

We also decided to discuss a very polarizing and difficult controversy that is currently surrounding animals in human care. Not many animal care-givers open up about such extremely controversial topics like SeaWorld, but Dr. Colitz takes questions on Orcas, tigers and other animals in human care.

You can find out more about Dr. Colitz at her website here, you can also follow her on twitter @carmencolitz
All this and more, with the wonderful Dr. Carmen Colitz.

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