Podcast Episode #15: Shark Encounter, Truth about Pinkwashing, Fake Wasabi


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In today’s show, Jake shares his most recent shark encounter and how close he actually got to one.

Megan discusses the dangers of leading a double life and also the issues of trying to portray a specific type of lifestyle on social media.

Pinkwashing is a real problem with the Breast Cancer Awareness community. There are definitely better, more effective ways to support and further the breast cancer research efforts.

Think you are getting real wasabi at sushi restaurants? Think again! Odds are it is probably an impostor with food coloring.

The Democratic Debate was this week. Jake & Megan compare it to the Republican Debate and give their specific thoughts on it.

Would you agree or disagree with this statement: Faith-based People are more moral than Non-faith-based people? Jake & Megan tackle this question brought to us by our listeners.

All that and more!

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