Podcast Episode #14: Hurricane Joaquin, President Trump/Biden/Sanders?, Get Uncomfortable

Jake is finally done with his 2 weeks of traveling and talks with Megan about the keynote talk he gave in Colorado.

Speaking in front of people is extremely uncomfortable, but if we get out of our comfort zones a little more, we often find ourselves better off than before. But be careful, some folks may not like when you put your own life and future in your hands. And that’s actually a good thing.

Hurricane Joaquin is expected to hit the Mid-Atlantic states. Megan shares her story of living through the devastation of Hurricane Andrew and how it leveled her grandmother’s house. We share our preparedness tips as well.

Animals, especially dogs, don’t do well during inclement weather and thunderstorms. Jake bought his dog Lucy a thunder vest to help with her anxiety.

Jake shares a must-see movie even though he doesn’t watch a lot of movies.

And Megan discusses a website called I Stand With and how she aligns with the top presidential candidates.

All this and more!

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