Organize Your Kitchen in 5 Easy Steps

Your kitchen is probably the most popular room in your house. It’s where your family and friends gather, and where you cook, and possibly sit down to eat, your meals. So, instead of spending precious time looking for things in your kitchen to cook with, whether it be utensils or ingredients, why not have things organized and easy to find?

Empty cabinets

Take everything out! Not all at once, of course. Go through each cabinet and place everything on a table. If you don’t use an item or you have duplicates, get rid of it. You can donate or give these items to someone who might need them.

If anything is broken, throw it away, it’s only taking up space. Just keep the items you use and love.

Organize containers

Instead of getting frustrated with your plasticware, pulling out one container only to have the others fall out and never being able to find that one lid that you need, stack your plastic containers with the lids on. If you don’t have enough cabinet space for this, stack them inside each other and keep the lids in a clear plastic box or in a dish drainer. This will keep your lids organized and easy to see.

Oh, and throw away any containers without lids. What’s the point in keeping them?

Tackle the pantry

How many times have opened up your pantry, shuffled through all the boxes, and not found what you were looking for? Or, when you found it, it was either out of date or stale? Transferring food into glass or plastic airtight containers will help you see exactly what you have, and keep your food fresher for longer.

Plus, doing this takes up less space, and as an added bonus, your pantry looks nicer.

Consider a Lazy Susan

kitchenLove the Lazy Susan! This handy rotating tray will save you a ton of space and help keep your spices and other small jars nice and neat. So, no more shuffling and pushing things in your cabinet to find something. Just a flick of the wrist and off she spins (but not too hard, you don’t want things flying off).

Don’t forget the junk drawer

Who doesn’t have one, maybe two, drawers of stuff they don’t quite know what to do with? Get yourself some drawer dividers and little containers to put those hard-to-find items in (i.e. plastic bags, ties, rubber bands, magnets, or bottle openers). They will be much easier to find, and you won’t dread opening up those drawers and seeing the mess. Things will be right at your fingertips.

You will never be sorry for taking the time out to organize your kitchen. In the long run, having a kitchen that’s decluttered will save you a ton of time – time you can better use to gather at the kitchen table and enjoy your family and friends.

-The Alternative Daily


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