Medicine of Kings Battles AIDS, Inflammation, Cancer and More

Medicine of Kings Battles Aids, Inflammation, Cancer and More

In the deep forests of China and Japan hides an incredible secret:  an ancient remedy for virtually every ailment that plagues mankind.   At first glance, the reishi mushroom appears like any other mushroom.  It protrudes from the bark of trees, and does not look especially appetizing.  Indeed, it is bitter and earthy to the taste; not a typical mushroom you would consider adding to your recipes. 

However, the reishi mushroom has been shown to boost the immune system, fight viral infections, heart disease and chronic fatigue, and relieve allergies and inflammation – to name only a few common uses.  It has also produced remarkable results in cancer patients.  In fact, this mushroom, known as the ‘medicine of kings’ in the East, is so effective that it has been recognized by the Japanese government as an official cancer treatment.

Rebecca Wood, author of the New Whole Foods Encyclopedia, describes the reishi mushroom as, “an immunostimulant… helpful for people with AIDS, leaky-gut syndrome, Epstein-Barr, chronic bronchitis and other infectious diseases.  It is used as an aid to sleep, as a diuretic, as a laxative and to lower cholesterol.” The sheer versatility and effectiveness of this mushroom is truly startling.  So what makes this unassuming fungus so effective?

According to traditional Eastern medicine, the body needs to maintain a state of equilibrium to remain healthy.  When this equilibrium is compromised, the body becomes ill, and this is how cancer, heart disease and other ailments come into play.  The reishi mushroom works its magic by assisting the body in maintaining equilibrium.  It contains Organic Germanium, triterpenes and polysaccharides, compounds which boost the immune system, as well as sterols, ganoderic acids, coumarin and mannitol, which support heart health.

Medicine of Kings Battles Aids, Inflammation, Cancer and MoreNumerous scientific studies have been conducted, especially in Asia, to verify the reishi mushroom’s claim to wellness.  In one study of 54 people with hypertension who were unaided by medication, four weeks of taking reishi mushroom supplements three times per day proved effective in significantly lowering blood pressure.  Another study examined the results of 30 days of reishi mushroom treatment on patients with advanced tumors.  Researchers found that T lymphocytes were increased and CD8 counts were decreased, resulting in a notable boost in the immune systems of the patients.  The patients studied also reported lessened side effects from chemotherapy and radiation.  Along with the immune system boost, the glucan in reishi mushrooms has been shown to help immune cells bind to tumor cells.

Whether you are ill, or simply looking for a boost to your overall health, reishi mushrooms are certainly worth a closer look.  They are now widely cultivated commercially, so you don’t need to take an expedition to the Far East to give them a try.  One more tip:  according to research performed in Japan, taking vitamin C along with reishi mushrooms seems to enhance their medicinal effects.  Before looking to dangerous drugs to combat what ails you, consider the amazing history and results of this ‘medicine of kings.’  It may be the miracle cure that you seek.

Have you ever heard of the reishi mushroom? Have you taken reishi before?

– The Alternative Daily

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