Look Younger Now with These Activated Charcoal Beauty Secrets

Ok, so we will admit: it looks like ash. However, activated charcoal is not the same kind you use to cook your summer burgers on, or the stuff you empty from your wood stove.

Rather, it is a highly interesting naturally-occurring compound, obtained from the carbonization of organic matter like hardwood, coconut, bamboo, peat moss, olive pits, coconut shells and sawdust. It begins as regular charcoal, and is then “activated” with oxidizing gases, like steam or air, at high temperatures.

Activated charcoal is indeed one of natures most potent anti aging compounds – a completely safe, odorless and tasteless substance.

Activated charcoal is so powerful, it’s considered to be the most effective agent available for use after a person swallows or absorbs nearly any type of toxic chemical or drug. It helps to reduce the absorption of a poisonous substance by almost 60 percent by binding chemicals, which reduces their toxicity.

Documented therapeutic value of activated charcoal

The therapeutic use of activated charcoal is nothing new. Recent scientific studies confirm the value of this interesting substance, including:

  • Its ability to reduce damage caused by elevated cholesterol, heart disease, and atherosclerosis
  • Its ability to destroy pathogens
  • Its ability to effectively act as an antidote for almost all drugs, poisons and chemicals
  • Its ability to promote vitality and help reverse age-related conditions
  • Its ability to purify water
  • Its ability to improve liver function
  • Its ability to detoxify the entire body completely

How it works

Activated charcoal works by a process called adsorption – meaning, electrical attraction that pulls molecules, atoms and ions towards it (all the junk you don’t want), and sticks to it – not becoming one with it.

Activated charcoal is such a powerful detoxifier that consuming just one gram of this powdery substance (about the size of your fingernail) is enough to consume toxins that would fill the square footage of four tennis courts.

Ultimate Anti-Aging Detox Remedy

Feeling sluggish, tired, and just not yourself these days? Although this could be due to any number of things, you are most likely full of toxins. Toxins that have taken up residence in your body can cause a host of side effects, including:

  • Reduced energy
  • Constipation
  • Extra pounds you just can’t seem to drop
  • Depressed feelings
  • Insomnia
  • Stiff joints
  • Headaches
  • Skin problems

Even if you don’t have any real symptoms, chances are you are still loaded with toxins – from the food you eat, the water you drink, and the air you breathe. We are constantly attacked by toxins that take up residence in our bodies. Constant exposure can lead to:

  • Premature aging
  • Allergies
  • Weakened immune system
  • Cellular damage

Being full of toxins can make anyone look and feel old – and let’s face it – no one wants to feel old before their time. One of the best ways to reset your clock is to get all of those nasty pollutants out of your body.

Fact: Activated charcoal powder was used in gas masks during World War I to counteract poison gas.

For a complete body detox, drink 20 grams of activated charcoal mixed in water. It is best to divide this amount into small doses throughout the day. Do this for a period of one to two weeks. Take between meals and supplements.

Be prepared, however, for the side effects of detoxing, which may include increased fatigue, headaches, nausea, irritability and general aches and pains. This is just your body reacting to the toxins as they are pulled out of your system. If necessary, cut back a bit on the amount you are taking.

Note: If you are taking prescription medication, be sure to speak to your health practitioner before using activated charcoal. You will want to space your dose out as far away from your medication as possible – otherwise medication will bind to the charcoal.

Skin Revival Mask

Aging can cause a number of changes to our skin. Although these are inevitable, there is much we can do to slow down the process and keep our skin as healthy and radiant as possible.

Well, just as activated charcoal can grab and escort toxins from the body , it can help keep your skin beautiful by absorbing over 500 times its weight in impurities. This soothing facial mask combines activated charcoal with a number of other soothing and healing ingredients, including:

Bentonite clay – Draws dirt from pores and kills acne-causing bacteria
Matcha green tea powder – Reduces inflammation
Aloe vera gel – Reduces inflammation and promotes healing
Witch hazel extract – Reduces inflammation and bacteria, and soothes and moisturizes skin
Coconut oil – Reduces bacteria, cleanses, and moisturizes skin
Tea tree oil – Reduces bacteria
Rosewood essential oil – Freshens and breaks up congested skin
Eucalyptus essential oil – Freshens and breaks up congested skin

Here is how you make this amazing skin mask:

Activated carbon granules close upIngredients:

  • 10 grams of bentonite clay
  • 6 activated charcoal capsules – break open or use loose powder
  • 3 grams matcha powder
  • 15 grams aloe vera gel
  • 5 grams witch hazel extract
  • 5 grams coconut oil ( warmed)
  • 6 drops tea tree oil
  • 8 drops rosewood oil
  • 8 drops eucalyptus oil


  1. Place clay, charcoal, and matcha powder in small glass bowl and mix well.
  2. Add the aloe vera gel, coconut oil, and witch hazel. Stir to form a paste.
  3. Add essential oils and mix well.
  4. Put on a lid and store in a cool and dry area for up to 2 weeks.
  5. To use – Paint an even layer on you face – be careful of your eyes, nose and mouth. Allow the mask to stay on for 20 minutes. Rinse off with warm water and follow up with a touch of coconut oil as a moisturizer. Repeat up to twice weekly.

Where to find activated charcoal: The purest form of activated charcoal we have found is made from coconut shells, and can be purchased here.

-The Alternative Daily


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