Your Kitten’s View on Christmas

Did you ever wonder what your kitten thinks about Christmas? Here are a few of our thoughts on your cat’s thoughts:

kitten and christmas cookie cutters
Can we make them tuna flavored?
Charming young woman with cat in santa cap
Why don’t you just get a scarf?
Could I please have a sweater as well?
Please leave me be, I am in my happy place.
This does not taste as good as I thought.
kitten cuddling with snowman toy
I love you Frosty!
Cute kitten and ornament
Thanks so much for all the new toys!
Little cats wearing Santa's hat sleeping
Can we have some more eggnog?
kitten surprise
What are you lookin at? You’ve never seen a cat hangin’ out?
Cute kitten
Can I please open them me-nooooww?
Little kitten with Christmas decorations on carpet
Is this the real world?
Santa Cat
Does this suit make me look fat?
Baaaah Humbug!
What is this mystical object?
Cat in Santa Claus red hat isolated on white background
Where did everybody go? Hello??

-The Alternative Daily

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