The Jake Carney Show Ep 4: Las Vegas Mass Shooting

On today’s podcast, we pay our respects to the victims of the mass shooting in Las Vegas. Our amazing content writer PJ shares his breaking news headlines about the Las Vegas shooting. What could we have done to prevent this?

Jake and special guest Matt D’Lando discuss the ‘adult’ rules for halloween, is it okay to give a homeless person alcohol, and what’s better having a baby or a puppy? We also reveal who on the set is ashamed to admit they’re a Jets fan.

Host Jake Carney shares with us his lovely days of eating baby poop and what’s it like switching from breast milk to solid food… After this talk, I think Matt would rather have a puppy.

We also discuss the recent scandal of a woman getting fired for posting her pregnancy/engagement photos online. This woman, like many pregnant woman, had a nude-ish photoshoot in a lake with her fiancé revealing her stomach and boobs. She was then allegedly fired from her job, leaving her with no money and no health insurance. Is the company right to release an employee over pregnancy photos? Was she wrong for posting them online? Should she fight for her job back?

Then we get into the holiday spirit of Halloween. Monsters, zombies, and ghosts! OH MY! Is it appropriate for adults to dress up for halloween or should we leave it for the children? Should the day after halloween be a national holiday off for the partiers?

Lastly, guess who’s a Jets fan!?…

And do you remember AIM? Do you remember your crazy username? Our office members share their wacky 90s usernames!

Do you go to adult halloween parties?
Is it okay to give homeless people beer?
Baby or puppy?

Add us on AIM: XxCaRneYShOwZxX
(Just kidding that is not a real username!)

Find out as Jake Carney and Matt D’Lando answer all these questions and more on today’s podcast. Enjoy!


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