31 Inspiring Photos Of People Helping Out After The Mexico Earthquake

Since right after the 7.1 earthquake hit here in Puebla, Mexico, earlier this week, people have been mobilizing to help out. With almost 300 confirmed deaths, and thousands of collapsed buildings, everyone I know has donated provisions. Other friends are organizing caravans and building materials to go to the more isolated and poorer communities.

In fact, some towns have reported that they have more visitors helping out than they typically have during peak tourist season, and others in Mexico City said that there is more food being donated, at least in the short term, than is actually needed. As most of the living and dead have been removed from the rubble, the focus is now shifting towards housing and reconstruction.

Here are some images from the web of the many inspiring ways that people have chipped in to help in light of this tragedy.

A man in a wheelchair helps out.

People of all ages help out.

Even the poorest people are giving something.

Reports are that seven people were rescued from this building.

Donations of water.

A video of people helping to rescue those caught in the rubble.

People form a human chain to offload provisions to be distributed.

The Topos volunteers help throughout the night.

People sing the national anthem after managing to save somebody.

Migrants and refugees also lend a hand.

A lot can be achieved when everyone works together.

She doesn’t have shoes, but she is still helping out.

People cook and donate tacos to the volunteers.

I’m getting used to seeing people with helmets and worker vests in the street, in the subway, in the Oxxo (chain of corner stores). I like it, I like it a lot, I love you all.”

This gesture, on the right, is a call for silence, in order to be able to listen out for survivors.

— Tamara Pearson

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