Infographic: Boost Immunity and More with Mangos

With over 25 types of carotenoids, vitamin C and vitamin A, eating mangos helps to boost the immune system and prevents all kinds of ailments.

Mangos are inevitably messy, but cutting one is fairly simple. Just stand it stem-side up and cut down its sides along the long, flat pit and repeat on the other side. Make a crosshatch pattern on both sections with a knife and then invert the cubes so that they can be scooped out.

There are many ways to enjoy mango. Fresh or frozen, they can be used to add a fabulous tropical twist to a smoothie, or you might toss a few fresh slices with lime, chili and salt to create a tasty classic Latin American snack. Another option is to blend the ripe pulp with plain organic yogurt – this is a popular Indian dish known as mango lassi. It can also be diced into a salsa, mixed with cilantro, chili peppers and onions, used as a topping for fish or chicken.

Click on the infographic to learn more of the health benefits of mangos


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