How Clutter Can Destroy Your Health: Get Organized Today

Clutter is downright dangerous to your health. A disorganized dwelling creates stress and can leave you feeling overwhelmed, hopeless and emotionally drained.

Not only do cluttered spaces create emotional turmoil, they also pose a significant threat to your physical health. Clutter attracts pests and allergens and can be a tripping hazard. Stacks of paper and other objects left lying around are not only a fire hazard but can also block ways to exit your home safely.

No matter whether your attic is jammed full, your closets are overrunning, or you barely have any room to move around your home, it is in your best interest and the interest of your family to do some serious de-cluttering.

Here are some ways to reduce the clutter and the stress in your life.

Make a List and Take an Inventory

The first thing to do when trying to get rid of things is make a list and begin to organize your items. When you start to see the massive list of things you have written down, you will notice how much you have and how much you actually don’t need. Categorize items like clothes, kitchenware, bathroom items, bedding and decor. Try to slim down unnecessary things on paper without looking at your stuff.

Don’t Overshop

Lots of people do a good job of getting rid of things but can’t truly keep it gone. It is easy to get rid of a whole bunch of things then just buy more every time you go out. Try to keep purchasing to a minimum and only buy things that you absolutely need. You can also get rid of items as you buy new things.

For example, if you buy a new shirt, get rid of an old one when you get home. A good budget will help curtail your desire to overshop. Make it a habit not to purchase things that are on sale just because they are on sale. Have a purpose for everything on your shopping list.

Keep it Simple

When you keep only the simple and practical things you need, you will soon find yourself getting rid of a lot and your clutter disappearing. If you have a family of four, it is actually not necessary to have 40 different dinner plates. Just remember that simple is easier, cleaner and healthier.

Do you honestly need 16 pairs of sandals? After all, you only have one pair of feet. It is freeing to actually be able to see the clothes in your closet or the dishes in your cupboard. Don’t think that every square inch of storage space needs to be full.

Buy Multi-Use Items

Buying multi-use items helps to keep clutter and excess down. Some dresses are designed to be worn as a skirt or a dress. Get a blender that you can also use a food processor. The list of multi-use items goes on and on. Having a few of these items will reduce your personal and home inventory substantially.

Get Rid of Stuff You Don’t Use

Keeping things you don’t use is a popular habit. Get rid of things by putting them to the 6 month test. In this test, you will find out which items you use on a regular basis. If you don’t use a particular item in a 6-month period, the chances are you don’t need it. Put a sticker on each of your dishes.

closetWhen you use a dish, remove the sticker. After 6-months, get rid of all the dishes that still have stickers still on them. The same can be done with any item, including clothes. Turn all your hangers, so they face outwards as you wear the clothes, turn the hangers around. After 6 months, get rid of all the hangers facing the other way.

Have a yard sale or give away things that you no longer want. Giving to charity or to friends or family in need is a great way to share your excess while improving your emotional and physical health.

-The Alternative Daily

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