How Acidic Are You? Why a pH Balanced Diet is Crucial

How Acidic Are You? Why a pH Balanced Diet is Crucial

Over acidity, which is highly common today, is a dangerous condition that contributes to a host of  serious health conditions. An acidic internal environment is the perfect place for disease to thrive. This is opposed to a pH balanced environment where normal body function resists disease. In a healthy body, there are alkaline reserves, which are used in times of emergency to balance internal pH. When too many acids enter the body, the reserves become depleted, leaving the body weak and vulnerable. Health experts warn that a pH balanced diet is necessary to maintaining health.

What Causes Acidosis?

Acidosis is extremely common in our society mostly due to the American diet and lifestyle. Although eggs, dairy and meats, are acidic, the main problem is with processed foods. These include white flour, sugar, coffee and soda, which create an acidic environment.

Drugs are also acid forming as are artificial sweeteners such as Equal and NutraSweet. One of the first things that needs to be done to regulate pH levels inside the body is to stop eating processed foods and start eating a clean diet. In addition, stress, smoking and lack of exercise all contribute to acidity.

What Acidosis Does?

Many people are too acidic. When this condition prevails, the body steals minerals such as sodium, potassium and calcium bones and organs to neutralize the acid and escort it out of the  body. This puts tremendous strain on the body and, unfortunately, can go unnoticed  for years.

Even mild acidosis can cause such health problems as fatigue, loss of joy, infections, obesity, depression, dry skin, ulcers,  diabetes, immune deficiency, hormone issues, premature aging, weak bones, yeast, slow digestion, bladder conditions, kidney problems, cardiovascular damage and joint pain due to lactic acid buildup.

How Acidic Are You? Why a pH Balanced Diet is CrucialTesting and Treating

If you consume a highly processed diet, you can assume you are probably too acidic. However, to be sure,  you can test your acidity with a urine or saliva test using pH test strips. If your test results show 6.5 or lower, you need to take action to balance your Ph.  You should begin by changing your diet, eliminating all processed foods and eating at least six servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily.

Magnesium, enzymes, calcium and green food are often recommended when treating serious cases of acidity. Certain foods have an alkalizing impact on the body and include root vegetables such as beets, carrots and turnips. Also included on the alkaline list are cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, garlic, lemons and cayenne peppers.

Have you tested your pH lately?

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