This Hollywood Actress Believes Colleagues Covered for Harvey Weinstein

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More information is constantly emerging of Harvey Weinstein’s dark past of sexual abuse towards women.

Weinstein, along with many of his Hollywood friends, is finally admitting that his actions were horrible and unacceptable.

For background knowledge, some of his victims, although there were unfortunately many, were very well known actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie.

Another very well known actress who was a Harvey victim is using the situation to blast her own former colleagues, which she believes spent years covering for Weinstein’s behavior.

Rose McGowan, who became very well known from working under Weinstein in multiple TV shows and movies, has been calling out people she believes knew about Weinstein’s abusive behavior but chose to stay quiet.

McGowan was featured in the New York Times exposé on Weinstein, which said she settled for $100,000 in a 1997 sexual abuse lawsuit.

Here is McGowan during a 1990’s photoshoot,

Ever since the exposé, McGowan has been on the attack towards not only people who stayed quiet working with Weinstein, but even to people who are funding Weinstein’s company.

She has been extremely vocal on Twitter and has been posting many tweets about the fiasco.

Also, McGowan wants all of the people who were working with Weinstein on the board of his company to be terminated.

On Monday, McGowan boldly tweeted,

Today, she especially went on the attack of people funding Weinstein,

Other notable people who she thinks covered for Weinstein include famous actors like Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe, and Casey Affleck.

McGowan clearly thinks that the multiple statements coming from her colleagues condemning Weinstein are insincere and far too late.

If true, this is some very serious and important news, considering most of these people were taking orders from Weinstein, during the time of his criminal activities.

McGowan’s daring accusations certainly have created even more reactions online surrounding the situation.

While McGowan definitely has support in her accusations, some are claiming that the media attention being brought to her is why a lot of people don’t come out and report more cases of sexual abuse.

What are your thoughts on McGowan’s claims? Have you been following the Weinstein situation unfold? Let us know!

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