Give Your Skin A Boost With This Homemade Firming Serum

I have noticed that as I age, my skin just isn’t the same as it was a few years ago. It is much dryer and I can see more wrinkles and fine lines that weren’t there before.

In our society, we are so driven by looks that sometimes it makes it hard to grow older more gracefully. I am doing my best to age as best as I can. But who doesn’t want a few natural products to help with the process? I sure do. That is why I am so excited about this firming serum. It is super fast and easy to whip up. And the cost is minimal compared to what you have to pay for over-the-counter products.

I love sweet almond oil because of the way it nourishes my skin. It also absorbs really well. It can help with circulation and renew skin cells. It also hydrates my skin. It also helps reverse the signs of aging. It is an overall great oil for my skin.

Frankincense essential oil helps tighten and regenerate my skin. It also helps with scaring and evening out my skin tone. The cypress essential oil helps firm my skin and can even help get rid of broken capillaries. As I get older, it seems that I have more broken capillaries on my face. That is why the cypress is such a good addition to this recipe. Geranium is also very healing. It helps with circulation and it regenerates my skin.

As you can see, this mix will give you an overall amazing firming serum to use on a daily basis. There are no worries about any added ingredients or harmful side effects. My skin is feeling and looking so much better now that I have this recipe. I am sure you will see and feel a difference as well when you start using it. Be sure to use it at least once a day for best results.

Firming Serum Ingredients

Firming serum with essential oils Feature Photo

  • 4 tbsp sweet almond oil
  • 30 drops cypress essential oil
  • 30 drops geranium essential oil
  • 20 drops frankincense essential oil


  • 1 2-oz glass bottle with dropper


1. Gather the oils and the glass bottle.

Firming serum with essential oils Photo 2

2. Carefully pour the almond oil into the glass bottle, leaving a little room at the top for the essential oils and the dropper lid.

Firming serum with essential oils Photo 3

3. Add the essential oils to the glass bottle.

Firming serum with essential oils Photo 4

4. Shake well before each use. Use this at night before bed. A little goes a long way — just a few drops will be enough. If it doesn’t absorb easily, you have used too much. You can use it in the morning as well if desired.

— Leilani Hampton

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